Sunday, March 8, 2015

Grace and New Beginnings (My Nanny Diary)

My helping out with Sunshine started innocently enough.  I offered to pitch in and babysit since they only needed someone now and again.  Kevin and I were in a situation at that time which made it so I could even take care of her without charging them anything. 

I know God had changed my heart and my mind about nannying again when I found myself thinking and praying about offering to take care of Sunshine on a more regular basis when her dad got a new job.  

It was something that I prayed long and hard about.  I kept asking God to make clear what would be best for all involved.  Eventually, it became clear to both Kevin and me that nannying for Sunshine is what God was asking of me.  With that reassurance, I offered to do what I thought I would never be able to do, again. 

After a couple years of taking care of one singular sensation, her twin sisters, who had previously been referred to as “babies in pants,” arrived on the scene.  Once their mom’s maternity leave was over, I was the busy nanny of a toddler and two infants three to four days a week.  Looking back, I sometimes wonder how I managed it even for ten-hour increments.       

Here are some highlights of our many adventures:  

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