Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Love of Little People (My Nanny Diary)

I happened to see a friend, the mom of the three silly sisters for whom I used to nanny, online last month.  I asked what they were up to, and we decided to meet at Deep Run Park for a picnic and some playground time.  It was great to see the girls, as always! 

Being there and chasing Sunshine, who of late has been introducing herself to people as Rainbow Dash, reminded me of when I used to take her to the very same playground when she was the one singular sensation in her family.  I have lots of photos of her at Deep Run on the swing and at the top of one of the slides she didn’t even bother going down that Saturday.  Most of them are beneath her.  Now, she’s on to bigger, higher, more imaginative things.  

“Will we ever see you again?” Sunshine asked while I was hugging and kissing her goodbye.  She reminded me that it had been a long time since I’ve come to visit them during the day while their babysitter is there.

“I’ve missed you, too!  And I’ll see you again soon,” I assured her.  “And since the weather’s nicer we can get together more like this.”

She seemed satisfied with that answer and her mom’s agreement that we’d figure out about getting together, again.    

Two weekends ago, we got to see each other three times: at her uncle’s birthday party, at Mass, and at her house for dinner Sunday evening.  I was starting to feel deprived of running hugs, so it’s good we got several of them in!  
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