Saturday, May 30, 2015

Glory Bee to God (for Michele Morris)

My dearest Christ sister,
best glory bee friend,
I know it’s so tempting
to ask for an end
to the questioning,
pleading, and pining.
You’ll soon find out what’s next,
But God’s Will’s not confining
and won’t always come in a text.

You’ll be sure to hear the call,
Whoever your priest is.
Your heart has no wall;
You know where the feast is. 

Divine love is your calling.
It pulls you each day.
Take courage you’re still falling
In step with His way.

Don’t lose your great spunk
Or let go of your pep.
He’ll lift you out of this funk
When the time’s made known
To take another step
The place and plans will be shown.

Running into crosses in cloisters
He’s seen you, He loves you,
and He knows your soul’s boisterous,
Wanting ever some new clue
As to what your next choice is.

Remember: this is only one chapter;
There’s much more to your story. 
Worry will only zap up
some much-needed strength.
With God’s desire in your heart’s cup
Don’t fret or become upset.
He speaks to you always,
Sometimes at great length. 
You’ll ne’er be apart
From the right focal point of
His everlasting, unconditional love
Which always reaches you from above. 

As beautiful as the bridal shower
Thrown for you freely
at a most unexpected hour,
The Holy Ghost,
Always the perfect host,
Requires your presence
At the eternal feast.
He knows the true essence
of all that you are,
whether billed as a sister,
or hailed as a star.

You’ve found the best fellow
To court you and tame you,
And, if need be,
It’s true, He can also rename you
Something nice, perhaps mellow
That fits you to a T.
Don’t believe me,
But trust Him,
The best’s yet to bee. 

He guides you and leads
Anywhere you must trod.
Jesus always feeds
Those committed to God.

Your passion for learning
Plays out with discerning
The right community
With the best balance
Of pleasure and strife
Where a higher unity
Will define your whole life. 

With a joyful, light humor
You’ll meet this next challenge
Whether trimming tree branches
or pondering the chances
Of how likely a moose’s advance is. 

Girl’s day out was another lovely blessing,
One better than planned
if in all truth confessing. 
With a second-hand purple dress
And some sturdy new shoes.
You merrily twirled
Getting ready to take on
the big wide world.

I must say I’ve not felt too concerned
Or particularly troubled
About your discernment
Though the stakes seem to have doubled.
Anxiety’s always a tricky allurement
At this brand new juncture.

Others may think your hands have been tied,
But we both know God’s been on your side.
Your hand hasn’t already been played.
You traveled clear across our great nation
you groveled and pondered, unsure of your station,
but each time you have prayed,
it has lifted up all of human creation. 

The days seem so long
when we start to cower.
It’s true we get lost
in search for that tower
From whence we’ll see everything
And can finally make sense
Of the things we have suffered
With grace, recompense. 

Your spirit is as vibrant as ever, my friend.
We know not the hour or the day life will end.
Rest assured of my love for you,
An abundance of prayers
Offered up each day that is new.
We all have many layers,
complex like homemade sauces.
Ingredients take time to simmer,
But we know who the Boss is.
There’s always a glimmer of Hope
In God’s Heavenly kitchen.

Note to Reader: I wrote and sent this along with a letter to Michele earlier this week.
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