Friday, May 22, 2015

Michele Morris Update and Prayer Request

Michele Morris is doing fine, but she is very much back in the throes of discernment and would appreciate any love, intercessions, etc. you'd be willing to send her way. I have full confidence God will lead her where He needs her and knows she will most glorify Him next (because He's always done so in the past, sometimes in miraculous ways), but she wrote in her most recent letter to me that some extra prayers right now would be "a great source of comfort and encouragement." Michele doesn't have internet access, but she can write and receive letters at least for the rest of the month of May. Here's the address: 
Michele Morris 
c/o Queen of Angels Priory
5813 W St. Martha's Ln.
Hulbert, OK 74441

Last week I finally resent the Glory Bee to God sign I'd made to her in a package along with a belated Easter card, a cute little journal I found I think she'll like (it's bright green and has a bumblebee and flowers on it) and two books I loved and think she'll really enjoy: I Believe in Love by Jean C. J. d'Elbée and In God's Womb: A Spiritual Memoir by Edwina Gately, and my usual epic-length letter. Hopefully this time she'll actually get the package. I got it back when I first sent it to Washington state when she was living with the hermits there.  I'm still not sure why it returned with an insufficient address stamp on it. If at first you don't succeed, try again. 

Please pray for Michele! Thanks, everyone!

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