Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Story of My Life Summed Up in One Photo

For much of my life, I have had people close to me who are the die-hard, rose colored glasses wearing, Pollyanna brand of optimists.  They are usually extroverts, promoters, in some kind of denial about an aspect of their lives, often involving mental or physical health and basic safety. Some of these individuals have been prone to delusions of grandeur.  A number of them are considered great salespeople.

I have found it difficult, bordering on impossible to get through to someone who is proclaiming from the rooftops that: EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! when things are actually a dangerous, chaotic disaster waiting to or already in the process of happening.

It's difficult to get through to someone who does not want to hear or see that anything is amiss.  The first step towards recovery is admitting that you have a problem. 

I have spoken up about and/or intervened in several different situations and circumstances involving everything from abuse, addiction, alcoholism, anorexia, neglect, academic and developmental concerns, mistreatment of the elderly in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, to special needs neighbors who live alone when they are no longer safely able to do so.

In the above photo, the magnetic alphabet letters on the board below the sign form the essence of the message from me to the powers that be: HELP CRAZYTOWN QUIK

Whether speaking to parents, counselors, social workers, neighbors, employers, nurses, doctors, co-workers, family members, friends, public health and safety professionals, or law enforcement agencies, I have always felt it necessary to say something when someone's life, health, and/or basic safety are in jeopardy.  The younger, older, sicker, and/or more disabled the victim, the more likely I am to say something.

This is a question I have often grappled with and may continue to do so throughout my life: When is it my legal, moral, and/or ethical responsibility to speak up and when do I have the right to remain silent?

I've done all I can reasonably do for now, so it's time for the serenity prayer:

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