Sunday, March 13, 2016

Laughing Together Series (Vol. 10) What Not to Wear to Church or When Offering to Help Others Get Dressed

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these as part of my Laughing Together Series.  My husband Kevin and I have continued LAUGHING TOGETHER in the midst of our busy lives.  Having a sense of humor we can share is part of what keeps us relatively sane in trying times. 

Though my first nine posts in the series focus on the early years of our dating relationship, I figured it would be entertaining and appropriate to mix in some of our latest adventures, notable quotes, and funny occurrences for this and future posts. 

Kevin usually has to work both Saturday and Sunday at the retail store in Short Pump where he is employed as a member of the inventory team.  He tends to walk between 6-11 miles on the days he’s scheduled, so he typically comes home feeling pretty exhausted.  Lately, due to a severe case of tendonitis, he has also been in pain.  It’s been particularly difficult for him to grasp things in his left hand.  (Fortunately, although he’s left-handed, he still did awesome on all of his final exams and the courses for his last semester drafting and design degree.  I'll include more about that in another post).

It has posed a painful challenge for him to dress and undress, tie his shoes, etc. due to the tendonitis.  He also is so worn out by the time he gets home from work on Saturday or Sunday that he eats, collapses on the couch to rest for a bit, then he joins me for Mass, rarely having changed out of his work uniform when it's time to leave.  I’m not sure why it bothers me that he wears this outfit to Mass, but it does.

Trying to be both compassionate and proactive, I offered to help.  “I’ll help you get dressed for church when I get back.”

He gave me a sideways glance with raised eyebrows.  It was then I realized my offer might not seem quite as thoughtful considering this is what I had on at that moment:

The peach and white paisley long underwear type top is meant to be worn what looks like inside out
and is only one size too big for me.  The pajama pants are three or four sizes too big,
but so comfy I still wear them at home. Yes, my just-chilling-at-home attire
is often this clashing, tacky, and entertaining.

For obvious reasons, we both burst out laughing. 

True to my word, I came home in enough time to assist Kevin in changing out of his uniform before church.  I found him hurriedly getting dressed. 

This sort of begs the question: can I dress him up or should I just take him out? (pun intended)
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