Friday, May 13, 2016

A Nature Walk Leads to Artistic Exploration: God's Love Is Always in Blossom

I went for a walk in our neighborhood one afternoon, and when I saw the seed pods all over the ground, I thought about how they look like the wings of fairies .

I picked up several seed pods along with a blossom or two that had fallen on the sidewalk. When I got home I started playing with the seed pods, and skinny brown fronds from a branch, and then I thought to cut a little dress out of the paint samples I have on my art shelf.

The fairy dancing photo in the center of the above graphic is one I took.  I only had one pink Dogwood blossom still intact by the time I returned home, so I photographed it with the fairy, cropped, copied, and pasted it to look like she was surrounded by them.  

The graphic I made from it is a reminder that God's love is always in season and full bloom.  Several years ago when my mom still lived in the house she had, I framed a group of flower photos I had taken and wrote a similar quote to go with them.  I hung the whole display in the kitchen, where it stayed until it was time to put the house on the market.  

Love can be honoring and appreciating nature, art, and the things people spend time and energy to do or make to express their affection for us.

For a fun nature-inspired art project you can do with children, click here.  

Lord, thank You for the beauty of nature and the opportunity to be creative with and in it.
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