Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Soundtrack to My Life: Your Positive Encouraging Radio (PER)

This awesome radio station which is available online to stream live has been the soundtrack to my life for the past few months since I "happened upon" Your Positive Encouraging Radio.

Many of the song lyrics on this Christian radio station have resonated so much they have brought me to tears. Others have gotten me to turn up the radio and sing my heart out. 

A few of my fave songs/music videos are below:

Lauren Daigle "Trust in You"

This is the graphic I was inspired to create with the photo of the sunrise I took looking over Lake Ontario several years ago.  It was actually the day after Kevin and I first admitted out loud we had feelings for each other.  We had stayed up all night talking on the cottage deck. (I was still in high school and Kevin significantly beyond that part of his life, so we never ever thought we'd have a chance to be a couple.)  I paired that memorable sunrise I saw the next morning (super-early since I couldn't sleep at all that night) with these lyrics.

Matthew West "Grace Wins"

Stars Go Dim "You Are Loved"

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