Friday, July 22, 2016

A Desperately Needed Vacation in Rochester, Fun Flashbacks, and Many Memories

Two years ago August, Kevin and I drove back from Rochester after an enjoyable stay at his family's cottage on the lake.  The very next day, Kevin was laid off from his job, along with everyone else who had been on his team.

Due to a number of reasons, mostly related to finances, we weren't able to make our usual annual trip up to Rochester last year.  Actually, it wasn't until the last minute we knew for sure that we could come up this July, but we made it.

My prayer on our drive up here: Lord, You alone know how desperately Kevin and I need some rest, relaxation, and fun. Please help us enjoy our time off of work and be open to all the blessings you wish to bestow upon us to renew us in body, mind, and spirit. Amen.

Visiting Rochester has always been nostalgic for me.  It’s one of the few, really the only, place where my family and I have come just about every summer since I was in utero.  

“I’ve got a story for every street,” Kevin told me while we were driving through his hometown.
“So start talking,” I said.  

Several evenings we have gone back to the pier at Charlotte Beach, now called Ontario Park where Kevin and I spent countless hours talking, getting to know each other better, watching sunsets, taking photos, and falling in love. The big concrete block towards the end of the pier is where we'd hop up and sit to watch sunsets, boats coming into and out of the marina, and people passing by.  That one spot holds so many memories for us!

Favorite Flashbacks of Fun

Kevin back in the 90s standing outside the cottage with
the birthday decorations we put up while he was at work.
This is one of my favorite posts about the first couple of years we rented half of the cottage Kevin’s Birthday Flashbacks 1997-1998.  

Soon after my mom, sisters, and I first met Kevin and his father, the real Harry Potter, we found out some birthday decorations and hilarious gag gifts were in order. 

It's still hard to believe that 19 years ago Kevin and I first met at his family's cottage on the lake! How can it have been that long ago?! We've experienced so many memories, challenges, joys, and so much laughter since then.

A Cherished Summer Tradition: Sunday Evening Family Dinners at the Cottage

Long before Kevin and I met, it had been his family's tradition to gather on Sunday afternoon/evening at the cottage during the summer for a family dinner.  Traditionally, they would cook some meat out on the grill.  Everyone would bring a dish to add to the potluck.  Friends and family would stop in to visit.  It was usually one big party.

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