Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kevin's Recent Birthday Celebration at the Cottage

Kevin had the same response to the birthday  decorations
I put up while he was out running errands as he did back in the nineties,
a huge smile and a chuckle.

As I mentioned in my previous post, decorating the door for Kevin's birthday has been an ongoing tradition for our family.  I made sure to pack some streamers and balloons for this trip.  It just so happened that the two colors of streamers and balloons I had at home are also Minion colors, which are perfect for my husband.

Never in a million years did I expect to be married to Kevin and celebrating his birthday with him at the cottage 19 years after we'd first met right at his very spot.  Wow! The story of our friendship, courtship, and marriage still blows my mind!   

After being away for two years, we were both especially looking forward to the traditional family gathering for dinner on Sunday evening.  It worked out beautifully that it happened to be on his actual birthday.  They cooked steaks out on the grill, had shrimp, potatoes, a pasta salad, fresh vegetables and I made a big veggie tray and a fruit salad.  The food was delicious, as is usually the case.  

During my first dinner with Kevin's family, the topics of conversation were entertaining.

"The girls are peeing in the yard, and they don't even cover it up anymore," his sister said.

I was momentarily shocked until I remembered that she and her husband have two sons, so she must have been talking about their female felines.  

Another one of his sisters mentioned having had a breast reduction.  

Many, many years later at the same location, his youngest sister sees the decorations I've put up on the door for Kevin's birthday in a different light.  "Why are there boobs on the door?" were the first words out of her mouth.
My innocent birthday decorations.

Later my family-friendly decorations had some additional color added to them by his youngest sister's husband.  Before the night was over, in addition to the red dots he put in the middle of the balloons, someone had put a small black circle around them.

Their scandalous additions to them.

Leave it to Kevin's youngest sister and brother-in-law to create scandal and laughter from innocent party decorations.  And that's the story of what has come to be called "the birthday boobs."  

I was thinking of keeping the birthday decorations up through next week since my mom's birthday and my dad's are back-to-back later this week.  Instead, Kevin and I saw to it that the streamers and balloons were taken down in record time.  
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