Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kevin Starts His New Job Just in the Nick of Time

After a really challenging couple of years back in the wacky world of retail, Kevin has been so excited about starting his new job at Team Fishel.  It's a dream come true, more like a major prayer answered, that he's already gotten a position in the field he'd like to work in though he's only one year into the Drafting and Design Technology program. 

Kevin took his final exam for this past semester on Monday evening after his first full day of work as a CAD Operator for Team Fishel.  We’re not sure how he did, yet.  He received some rather baffling and disturbing news merely hours before sitting down to take his Physics final.

Since it was his first day, I didn’t let Kevin know about anything going on with me so he could concentrate on and relish in his new position, meet his co-workers, and get a feel for what he’ll be doing there.  That explains why we had a rather unusual conversation when he texted me that afternoon to ask how my day was. 

“What the hell are you doing in Charlottesville?!” Kevin asked the moment I answered my phone.  “You were supposed to stay home today and rest!”

“Well, there’s been a change of plans, so I’m in Charlottesville now waiting to see the doctor,” I explained.

“Why Charlottesville?” Kevin asked.

“Because Dr. Hemphill is now based in Louisiana and this is the closest doctor who I'm sure will consult with her,” I explained.

After my appointment, I called Kevin to give him a brief update of what the doctor had discovered upon examining my ER records from the previous Wednesday.  The doctor ordered blood work, which they did right away, and she gave me an order to get ultrasounds once I was back in Richmond. 

Poor Kevin.  Right before he took his Physics exam, he found out some unexpected possibilities that could explain why I had ended up in the ER the week before. 

Kevin’s gotten straight A’s in all but one of his classes so far.  I hope he won’t be too hard on himself if he gets a B in this class after whatever he got on the exam.  He’s gone from being a high school drop-out to the top of his class.  Nothing is impossible with God!

FYI, as of yesterday Kevin still hasn't gotten his grade for his Physics exam.  This is highly unusual.  They've usually had grades back to him within a couple days.  I'm not sure what's going on there, but those are more test results we still don't have back.  That seems to be a theme for us this week.

Lord, thank you for guiding Kevin to return to school that he might thereby apply to Team Fishel and be able to begin a new job in the field he wants to go into.  
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