Friday, September 9, 2016

A Partial Update on My Current Health Challenges, Medical Treatment Plans, and Uplifting God Incidents

It has been a very difficult couple of weeks for our family.  I found out I need to have surgery.  The doctor I trust most to do my surgery is no longer in town.  After months of pressure to see more patients and provide a level of care inferior to that which she is comfortable with, she and her family moved from Richmond to Louisiana.  

I was supposed to have my first appointment with a local surgeon on Thursday, Sept. 8.  I've been told I need to have the 6cm dermoid/mass in my right ovary removed.  

I've never had major surgery outside of having my wisdom teeth removed, and I'm rather scared. 

At this point, my most fervent prayer is that they will be able to preserve some of my reproductive system in case God decides to bless Kevin and me with miracles that we have yet to experience within our marriage.  

On top of everything else, while Kevin and I were at an appointment with an ob/gyn surgeon at St. Francis Hospital, my husband received an e-mail from ITT Tech that they are closing their doors. Here's one of the articles about the debacle.

 We have so many people to thank for their roles in helping us make it through two crazy weeks!  Friends and family have   

Those Who Have Provided Me with Taxi Transport are: Julie, Carl, Leslie, Jess, Laura, Matt, and Pam

Moral Support from Lovelines Family: the Baab family (who several years ago adopted Kevin and I into the fold), Leslie, Jeannine, Gwen, Laura, Holly, Michele, Jess, Madrine, Natarsha, Venita, Claire, Darlene, Margaret, Julie, Danielle Rose, Mary, Theresa, Karen, Ronnie, Doreen, LaDean, and countless others both in town and across the country.  

We know without any doubt that God is carrying us right now, though at times it has certainly felt as though we are being dragged kicking and screaming.
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