Friday, October 28, 2016

A Short Photographic Stroll Down Memory Lane in Honor of My Birthday

My parents didn't intend to get pregnant so soon after getting married,
but they both said that having me filled them with great joy.  I think they look
pretty happy (and still relatively well-rested) in this photo taken the day I was born.
My hair used to stick straight up, so they nicknamed me Woodstock,
as in the little yellow bird that's Snoopy's friend.

Here I am scrunched into a box with Butch and Mimi,
my favorite handmade dolls from Nana (my dad's mom).
My sister closest to my age was born when I was 2 1/2.
My sister was a blond cutie pie as a kid.
See!  I've always loved books!

Kevin attended all three of my graduations: high school, undergrad, and graduate.
This was the last one in Spring 2004.
On September 4, 2004, Kevin and I got married at Church of the Epiphany in Richmond, Virginia.

One week after we got married and had gone up to Rochester to see Kevin's parents,
I began nannying for "my two little guys."

Kevin and I have often joined our favorite pro-life advocate
Ann Niermeyer (my mom) to pray during 40 Days for Life campaigns.
We said goodbye to my dad, James Niermeyer,
who passed away on August 10, 2009.

After Kevin served on a Cursillo team when John Baab was a candidate,
the three of us became best friends, more like siblings.  It wasn't long before
Kevin and I were unofficially adopted into the Baab family clan.

Here are some other favorite siblings in Christ we'd often spend time with:
Chris, John Baab, Michele Morris, Christina, Jeff & Laura Stapleton.

My mom (Ann Niermeyer) and her mother (Marilyn) are the strong women of faith
who taught me the most about respecting the sanctity and dignity of life from womb to tomb.

Can you see the family resemblance?

Here the "three silly sisters" and I are snuggled up reading.

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