Saturday, November 12, 2016

21 Days of Thankfulness: My Photographic Attitude of Gratitude Project (Day 9) Delicious Meals with Family and Friends

Our friends Laura and Jeff have a special knack for hospitality, and they regularly
share their gifts with friends and family.  This particular gathering was for their
nearly annual Friends Thanksgiving one Saturday in November.

DAY 9: Delicious Meals with Family and Friends

The table is set with an autumn color scheme using Fiestaware.
This photo was taken of my dad's side of the family at our very
casual, but super-fun rehearsal dinner September 3, 2004.  We
went with a Mexican theme and put up the decorations ourselves.

We had a yummy dinner with family and friends at Rico's Mexican Grill after
Kevin and I renewed our wedding vows at 5pm Mass in celebration of our 12th anniversary.

Laura and Jeff were present for our renewal of vows, which was
quite fitting as Laura and I reconnected as adults the weekend
before she and Jeff tied the knot.  We'd been friends since 5th
grade at St. Mary School, then were in Confirmation together.
We lost touch for a time, but rekindled our friendship when
we saw each other at St. Michael Church.
"What are you doing next weekend?" I asked them.
"We're getting married," Laura replied.  "Do you want to come?"
I did attend their wedding the next weekend in July and was truly
touched when they showed up for my dad's funeral in early August.

Holly and I have been friends ever since high school gym class.
We kept in touch all through college and are glad to be reunited
in Richmond now that Holly moved back to the area this summer.
I became friends with Candy when she and I made our Cursillo
weekend together at the Abbey back in June 2006.  Our theme was
"Be Still and Know."  We were in the same group reunion for many years.

Victor and Cathy are a wonderful couple Kevin and I have gotten
to share many meals with over the years.  We have each served with
them on a Cursillo team, and for many years we attended the same parish.

The table is set with yellow tulips, dyed eggs,
and candy for an Easter gathering at my mom's old place.

I shared many a meal with the three silly sisters.  They usually
were most excited to eat whatever I brought for lunch.
Kevin started making me two peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches to bring with me each day.

This was the Thanksgiving set-up at my mom's house one year
when we had family come to join us from out of town.

Jess and the oldest of the three silly sisters prepare to cut the
cake once everyone has sung happy birthday.

Marshneil and I were among many who had fun at the Halloween
party one of our CRHP sisters and her husband hosted.
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