Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Latest Stained Glass Reflection Photography Mosaics

This piece I created using photo images of the stained glass windows at our church as they were reflected in the Baptismal font.  I cropped, flipped, turned, and twisted the images, using them like pieces of a mosaic to create this design.

This piece is also created using portions of the stained glass reflections and elongating them to create a different
visual effect.  I added the two borders to compliment the colors already wavering in the water.

To create this piece, I took different cubes of the reflection photos and arranged them, so they formed some interesting patterns, waves, and lines.

This piece reminds me of a brightly colored poster I bought in middle school.  Using the brightest aspects of the photo reflections in a way that created several geometric designs, I attempted to give it a psychedelic feel.
I created all of these images with original photos I had taken with my Lumix Panasonic DMC-FC28 camera and edited using Microsoft Publisher 2016.  I didn't use a filter when I took any of these photos, nor did I alter any of the colors to make these mosaics.
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