Monday, October 12, 2009

Facing Your Giants

I recently finished reading a book by Max Lucado called Facing Your Giants. I gave the book to my dad for his last birthday, but he didn’t get a chance to read it. As it turned out, God called my dad to face his own giants: fear of total dependency, leaving his loved ones behind, and going from this life into the next.
For a number of reasons, I know my dad had gotten to a place where he was ready to face and overcome the biggest giants in his life once and for all with God leading the way.

As his body grew weaker, his spirit was growing stronger. When the worldly marks of a successful life (the big house, fancy car, expensive vacations, football player physique, high profile career) fell away, the treasures in heaven and in his soul became more apparent.
I picked up the book at the perfect time. God’s been calling me to confront many of the giants in my own life. I certainly need to be reminded frequently that it’s better to focus on the magnitude of God and His power rather than concentrating too much on the scope of my challenges and weaknesses, both internal and external.
In Facing Your Giants, Max Lucado takes the reader through David’s life, showing how the impossible is possible when he trusts in God, and how everything falls apart when David lets his ego guide his heart and actions. I can easily see this being the case in my own journey as well.
There have been a number of times when I’ve taken the easy way out or taken the path of least resistance when I knew God was calling me to more and would give me the grace to meet His challenges.

I regularly find myself more likely to reach out to friends who are suffering than family members who are having a tough time and may be less likely to appreciate my attempts to encourage them. I’ll catch myself spending more time praying for and encouraging friends than Kevin, my sisters, Mom, or Grandma. I’ll go out of my way to send a care package to an out-of-state friend who is sick, but I’ll neglect a chore that my husband would really appreciate not having to do himself.
What are the giants in your life? What do you need to do to focus on God instead of these giants?
Lord, help us confront the internal and external factors in our lives that are keeping us from a closer walk with You and the people You put in our paths. Amen.
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