Friday, January 22, 2010

March for Life 2010

     I’m still processing all that happened today, but I feel that I need to write something about the first time Kevin and I participated in the March for Life on this, the anniversary of Roe v Wade and the 37th year of the March held to convince our government and our country to reverse that decision.  Though mainstream media rarely if ever makes mention of it, hundreds of thousands of people from across the country came together yet again to speak out and pray that our government officials and the citizens of the United States will open their hearts and minds to God’s call to protect the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.
     I have been involved in supporting the pro-life movement in various forms for a number of years. Our family has participated in the annual Walk for Life sponsored by the Pregnancy Resource Center. We’ve prayed and fasted for an end to abortion through 40 Days for Life vigils held in Richmond (last year and this year my mom, Ann Niermeyer, has been the one to head up the Spring campaign in our area). We’ve gotten in touch with our legislators, done extensive research and tried to educate others about what the effects of abortion are on women, children, men, and our country.
     It was very powerful indeed to convene with so many other pro-life people in one place knowing that since God is for us, there is no one who can be against us in bringing about the end of abortion. When God told us as part of the Top Ten “Thou shalt not kill” He meant it.
     Last year, I was amazed and horrified by the abortion statistics I learned from my mom when she reported back from her participation in the March for Life events. In the past few years I’ve come to see and realize why some refer to abortion as “black genocide” and the “stop the lying, we are dying” phrase chanted really hit home.
     Today many of us held signs up given to us for free by volunteers from Silent No More, a group spearheaded by women who have had abortions and are courageous enough to be silent no more in how the experience has affected them. We held the signs they handed out which read “Women do regret abortion” on one side and “Men regret lost fatherhood” on the other.

     Things came together today on the Mall. The prayers and example of my mom, dad, and grandma joined with those Kevin and I prayed with friends, families, complete strangers who are from a variety of races and creeds. I am sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Holy Spirit was working in glorious ways and know only some of the blessings are evident to me at this point.
     Thank You God for the gifts of life, love, truth, prayer, faith, and compassion. Amen.
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