Friday, February 19, 2010

The Screwtape Letters

I love this creative approach to addressing how God calls us and how the Satan attempts to deter us from answering His call. This classic work of fabricated written correspondence between Screwtape, an experienced devil, and his young apprentice Wormwood proves to be a very telling look into the psychology of temptation, deceit, and evil.
Screwtape advises Wormwood to do the exact opposite of what a Christian would do. He discourages all the fundamental practices and beliefs which strengthen a Christian’s relationship with God and with other believers.
C. S. Lewis’ use of satire is brilliant and at times very funny. What better way to advise Christians on the faith than to create a correspondence between two devilish sorts discussing ways to break down a believers trust in God?
In some ways, this unusual approach can have the effect of making a deeper impact than some books which attempt to preach and teach from on high what is necessary to grow in the spiritual life. The Screwtape Letters requires the reader pick out on his/her own the undertones and the implications of the author’s true intent rather than having each point and practice to use or from which to abstain plotted out in detail and hammered home.
As many people who have worked with rebellious individuals of any age know, sometimes the most effective way of getting them to do what is best happens to be to forbid them from doing what you don’t want them to knowing full-well that will make that option all-the-more appealing.
You can purchase this book here.
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