Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sabbath Presence

I’ve been telling so many people about Sabbath Presence I've lost count. I would love to buy several copies to share them with my nearest and dearest. This is the perfect book for anyone who is busy trying to balance family, work, volunteering, personal prayer time…In short, it belongs on everyone’s must-read list. It expands upon the “Be Still and Know” theme of the June 2006 Women’s Cursillo, by inviting us to deeper personal reflection and quiet time to feel God’s presence.
“Being still” seems counter-cultural and all but un-American. Kathleen recognizes this, and through a close look at her own life experiences and desire for balance, examines how we can benefit if we “keep holy the Sabbath.”
I can't tell you what a profound impact this book has had on my life. I've read more spiritual books than I could keep track of over the years, but I rarely reread any books. I knew how deeply this book resonated with me when I read through it, stopping to do the meditations and journaling exercises at the end of each chapter, then I immediately started to reread it.
The second time around I’ve only read one chapter on any given day, so all of the wisdom can sink in and I can take as much time as I need to process through prayer and journaling how the principles apply to my own life.
Sabbath Presence is an intimate portrayal of Kathleen’s own struggle to let go of the tendency to fill every waking minute with activities. She shares her own experiences and then leads us to take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves how we can break away from a life of busy-ness in order to rest in God’s presence, Sabbath presence.
There are numerous thought-provoking questions in the book, but the main one that links all of the others together: how would it change your life, the Church, the world…if everyone observed the Sabbath by making it a day of rest to focus on God and family?
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