Friday, March 11, 2011

The Eternal Messiah: Jesus of K'Turia

I’m so grateful that The Eternal Messiah: Jesus of K’Turia by W.R. Pursche & Michael Gabriele came into my life. This thought-provoking, suspense-filled work of fiction is an intergalactic quest for the Truth. A blend of beliefs shared by Christians and followers of other major world religions is held up to the Light. Due to the examination of infinite Truths presented in a completely new context, this book reminded me a bit of The Shack in how it inspired me to reevaluate what I believe, how I have come to those beliefs, and which ones I need to let go of in order to submit to love, forgiveness, and sacrifice that is indeed eternal.
K’Turia is a very primitive planet with very limited technology, a strict social order dictated by the a body of priests who control the temple, teach, and interpret all of the Laws the citizens obey. This governing body has become corrupt, and those who kept subdued under their rule become discontent when Jesus comes and begins teaching them about Truth that supersedes that of the Law upheld by the priests of the temple. Jesus teaches through his words, parables, and example that the spirit of the law is more important than the letter of the law and that salvation is for everyone—those who are on K’Turia and the “offworlders” who come to the planet for a variety of reasons.
A team of people assembled from different planets, who begin with quite varied intentions and personal missions, must navigate and work together on the unfamiliar planet K’Turia to plod through many layers of lies, both internal and external, which at times turn them against one another and make them doubt themselves.
Win is a scientist who has lost his passion for life and stopped seeking a higher purpose. I’Char is a very insightful, resourceful military adjunct and assistant of Win’s. Prentiss is a specialist in cultural development interested in proving her intellectually-fueled theory about how cultures can be completely transformed by religion. Garrick is a hardened military expert who starts out with the single focus of completing the seek-and-destroy mission that is a matter of intergalactic security.     

Each team member’s true motives are challenged when they are faced with choices much more complicated than they could have imagined. Every one of them comes to a point at which they’re forced to choose between what their old way of life and set of beliefs dictated and what a new order and way call them to be and do. This new way taught by Jesus necessitates that they go beyond all they have previously learned and believed in order to continue pursuing the Truth.
Military alliances, intergalactic conflict, and opportunities for personal conversion collide on a small, primitive planet where the most difficult decision lies in figuring out the Truth and what to do about it.
As a fan of spiritual and religious books that stretch my mind and beliefs, a reader of many adventure stories, mysteries, and science fiction, I highly recommend reading The Eternal Messiah: Jesus of K’Turia. I haven’t read much fiction recently, aside from that which is age-appropriate for the children with whom I work, but I feel it a definite God-incident that this book was offered to me to read and review.
To read some excerpts, for more information, or to order your copy of The Eternal Messiah: Jesus of K’Turia, check out the author’s website here.

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  1. Hi Trisha,
    I can't tell you how touched I am by your thoughtful review. You have perfectly captured the essence of the story and what we were trying to achieve. While I have received many positive reviews on the book, your words tell me that you really "get it" in terms of the underlying message -- that the power of the universal Truth of the Messiah will be able to affect -- and transform -- everyone, everywhere.
    Nothing is more motivating to me as an author than to hear that something I wrote has positively affected someone and inspired them.
    As I read your blog it is clear that you have a true gift for getting to the very heart of both the joy and the commitment of following one's faith.


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