Friday, March 4, 2011

Parenting on Purpose!

Reading Parenting on Purpose! by husband, father of eight, writer, speaker…Jason Free was both enjoyable and easy. Living out these seven ways to “raise terrific Christian kids” on a daily basis can only be accomplished through the grace of God. I love Free’s writing style, which is conversational, honest, and even entertaining. He doesn’t approach the subject of parenting in a know-it-all and am the perfect role model position. He shows how he has discovered these keys to raising good Christians while making a number of faux-pas along the way.
I really appreciate the two sections at the end of each chapter where there are “Reflections from Dad,” personal accounts written by Jason Free, then “Reflections from Mom,” penned by his wife Colleen. The anecdotes are filled with love and some important reminders about ordering our priorities so as to build up the Kingdom of God and the bond of family.
The main premise of this book on building strong, Godly families is that we should put the Lord first. If parents are focused on the Lord, then they are mindful of the importance of continuing their own faith journeys. They have the humility to learn from and with their children about goodness, holiness, and wholesomeness. To have a strong family, Free explains how reliance on God, dedication to prayer and to your marriage are the best examples of love and service to offer the Lord.
Free shares many stories in which the sponge-like minds of his children, soaking up every word and every action, lead him closer to the Lord. Sometimes, their comments or actions make him realize that he’s not been a good example. Other times, such as when he regularly blesses his children at bedtime, he discovers what a powerful gift he’s giving them, one that they are eager to share with him as well.
Parents will surely benefit from and be able to identify with the at times joy-filled, at times heartbreaking on-the-job training Jason and Colleen have been receiving as they raise their eight children. There aren’t perfect mothers or fathers, but Parenting on Purpose! could certainly help well-intentioned parents make better decisions about how they spend their time, energy, faith, and money to serve the Lord, their spouse, and the children God has given them.
Lord, please bring all parents and caregivers of children into a deeper relationship with You. Make each of us a better kind for young impressionable minds and precious little souls. Amen.
To order your copy of Parenting on Purpose! click here. I wrote this review for Ignatius in exchange for a free copy of the book. For more information or to purchase, see Ignatius Press.

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