Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call?

     The other day, I had a friend get in touch with me when he found out a friend of a friend is pregnant, and her boyfriend is pushing her to get an abortion she doesn’t want. He contacted me figuring I’d know where she could get help and support because he knows I’m involved in 40 Days for Life. He found this out the night our brother in Christ and I went to speak to the Rosary and Charismatic Prayer groups at our parish about the campaign.  I hadn't planned to go and talk to the two groups at our church about the prayer vigil and invite them in person to get involved, but when he said he was going, I said I'd come, too. 
     The friend who got in touch with me the other day has come and prayed at the prayer vigil with my mom and I only once before.  However, this isn't the first time he's guided a friend to choose life for her child, despite the pressure from her boyfriend and others to have an abortion.
     I was so grateful he’d called. I encouraged him to pass along my phone number and the information for the pregnancy resource center I found in her area. He said he didn’t know if she’d get in touch with me, but that if she did it would likely be within the week.
     Just as I was pulling up to the abortion clinic to pray at the vigil, I received a phone call from an area code and number I didn’t recognize. The woman on the other end said she’d gotten my name and number from a friend. I didn’t have the information on hand about the pregnancy resources in her area, so I decided I should run home and get them for her, even if it meant missing the time I’d signed up for at the vigil. On the way back to our place, I called my mom to ask her to pray for the woman, then I explained why I wouldn’t be there for my scheduled time. Of course, my mom completely understood and was glad to hear that someone we’ve never met was directed to us for help so she can keep her baby.
     Since then, I’ve learned some more from this woman about her story, have provided additional resources, (Nurturing Network and Catholic Charities) have enlisted some of my favorite prayer warriors to pray for her, and have assured her that we’ll do whatever we need to do to ensure she has the financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual support she’s seeking to take care of the child growing in her womb.
     I’m in awe of how various faith and ministry connections have brought all of us together to help a woman we’ve never even met. The Holy Spirit is truly amazing!
     Lord, thank You for giving people the spiritual mortification and moral courage to do Your will, especially when carrying out Your message is unpopular, criticized, and vehemently accused. Keep us mindful that only when we submit completely to You are we most effective vessels for Your love, mercy, compassion, and healing. Amen.
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