Wednesday, August 10, 2011


     The makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants produced another great movie full of moral messages, conversion, and healing. 
     My husband and I really enjoyed Fireproof, both the film and the corresponding Love Dare book, which we read and did together for the forty days, as is mentioned in the movie.  Earlier this year we were impressed by the movie Facing the Giants, so when Kevin was making his wish list for his birthday, he made sure the Flywheel DVD was on it. 
     We ended up bringing the movie on vacation with us since there’s no cable TV at the cottage, and yet again, the timing of us watching it was certainly a God-incident.  My husband and I had been praying about and discerning about
when and how we could help some family members.  The Holy Spirit, my husband’s generous heart, and the example in this movie, were three very powerful influences guiding me to act in the kindest, most loving way. 
     Through the story of a used car salesman, his employees, and his family, the serious effects of lying, selfishness, jealousy, and greed are brought forth.  The main character, Jay Austin is a 30 something used car salesman with a wife, one son, and a child still in the womb who will be born very soon. 
     Jay buys a 1950s Triumph TR3 convertible and asks his mechanic to get it up and running.  He works on the car but gets to a point at which a new replacement part, namely the flywheel, is needed before the car will ever work again.  In the same way Jay’s life is stuck because he’s missing a central part of his life, that which is most important, a relationship and focus on Christ.
     When his business is about to go under and the pressure of the lies, greed, selfishness, and anger in his heart  become too much for him to bear on his own, he’s finally brought to his knees.  What happens when the heat is turned up on someone steeped in lies and caught on tape lying?  It’s prime time for a breakdown or a breakthrough. 
     Flywheel is a great story of conversion and the freedom and grace that come as a result of true confession reconciliation, and transformation. 
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