Friday, September 16, 2011

Into the Habit, Out of the Convent, Back on the Stage: Danielle Rose

I honestly never thought I would get the opportunity to meet Danielle Rose or see her perform live.  She’s been around the world performing, and had already produced three truly inspirational CDs when a Cursillo friend got me hooked on her music. 
A couple years ago, not long after I’d become a fan of Danielle Rose, she discerned God was calling her to enter a cloistered convent.  Her last album before entering the convent to continue discerning her vocation titled Pursue Me is heavily inspired by her ongoing desire to do God’s Will in her life.  A number of songs on the album express her openness to becoming a consecrated religious if that’s where the Lord wanted her.
So how is it that Kevin and I picked her up from Richmond airport and spent a lovely evening with her tonight?  Our God is an awesome God whose thoughts and plans are so far above ours…

As Danielle shared in her interview Wednesday evening, September 7, 2011, on EWTN’s Faith and Culture Episode 2: “Music and the New Evangelization,” in her ongoing discernment of the Lord’s Will for her life, she and the religious community she had entered were both led to the answer that Danielle was to return to her vocation as a music missionary. 
Her story and faith journey are quite beautiful displays of the Lord’s love, His perfect timing, and the grace with which He fills those who submit entirely to His Will.  Through prayerful discernment, she’s gotten into the habit of seeking the Lord’s Will first, and submitting to it completely, though He continues to challenge her day-by-day.
Having finally met her in person, I can best describe her as a joy-filled sweetheart.  Danielle has an amazing ability not many possess to listen carefully and attentively to others and truly be enthusiastic about the ways the Lord has worked and is working in the lives of other people. 
I wasn’t sure I could possibly be any more excited about her coming to our very own parish to do two free concerts this weekend, but apparently I can.  I am beyond thrilled that the Lord has seen fit to bless us with her presence.  I hope you’ll join us if you’re in the area!  
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