Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here

A Skewed View

     Heck, I don’t think she’d even deign to visit our apartment. The brick building’s nothing special to look at—there’s much more consideration for form and solid fall-out structure than any attempt at an architectural masterpiece. I’m fairly certain there’s not a straight line in the place. Yes, that includes doorframes, windows, cupboards, counters, and the hardwood floors.
     I was horrified when the parents of one of the boys I nannied for came over to bring us a care package after Kevin’s foot surgery in January 2006. The father is a builder and safety inspector, and the mother is all about Martha Stewart when it comes to decorating, colors, and cleanliness. Thankfully, neither of them said anything about our humble, jumbled abode, at least not while still within earshot of us.
When I Slip, You Slip, We Slip
     Before Kevin and I had dining room furniture, we had a couple office chairs on wheels. The first time mom came over for a meal with my sister Theresa, she offered to sit on one of the office chairs. When she finished eating and picked up her feet, she slid all the way across the room. As she slipped away, she began singing Broadway show tunes. I couldn’t help but laugh (mostly because she was sliding across the room, singing show tunes at the dinner table isn't actually all that unusual for my mom, sisters, and me).
     One night years ago, I was having trouble sleeping, so I went into the office to write for a bit on my desktop computer. I was sitting at the desk in a chair with wheels on it and in a still-sleepy-stupor made the mistake of folding my legs in the chair. The moment my feet left the floor, I slid to the center of the room. This surprised me considerably and woke me up completely.
He Loves Me for Me!
     This past week, I’ve been giving into the temptation to compare myself to others, and it’s gotten me discouraged. I was grateful to come across Kate Wicker’s post “A Cure for Comparing: Seeing with God’s Eyes.” I also found it extremely ironic that last night is when I received the e-mail from Tiber River saying my review of Becoming the Woman God Made You to Be had been approved.  I made myself reread the book review before posting on my blog, knowing that I needed/need the reminders of God’s love and His perfect timing, and that He loves me whether or not I’m a good cook, exceptional housekeeper, or wear cute clothing and fun jewelry.
     Lord, help me become the woman You have made and know I can be. Teach me to be content with who I am because I have been made in Your image, have Your unconditional love, and limitless mercy to help me grow in holiness, and fulfill Your purpose and will for my life. Amen.

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