Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 37)


Adorable much?  Oh yeah!  I had the joy of taking care of Vivi this week.  She’s so flipping cute!  Among my favorite stories that I shared with Kevin about the day: Vivi tried feeding a spoonful of the yogurt she hadn’t finished at lunch to her baby doll.  Judging by the results, I think little miss pink ’n’ poofy is lactose intolerant.  


Nice try, cutie! Vivi got me to help her put her coat on.  I knew it was because she wanted to go outside, but as soon as she approached the back door wearing a short-sleeve onesie, no socks, no shoes, I reminded her that she also didn’t have pants on.  She still looked hopeful, and I conceded that we could go out a little while before her nap, then I looked out and saw it was raining.  I told her that we weren’t going out in the rain if we didn’t have to, but that she could continue wearing her coat around if she felt like it (which apparently she did).   

Some Spring in Her Step “Is Vivi napping?” her mom asked when they arrived home.  “No.  I just put her down a little while ago and heard her jumping in the one place where it’s easiest for her to do so (on the mattress in her crib).” 

Want to Protect Religious Freedom in This Country? Read here what you can do to protect religious liberty:




Thinking Pink? Think Again  The biggest issue in all of this is that people have been hurt, people have been lied to, people have been judged. What each of us needs to do is be more open and loving to those around more here. 

Laughter, Learning, & Prayers  I realize this week's 7 quick takes are quite a mix, but this week has been chockful of all three, so there you have it!

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