Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Gettin' Real on My Facebook Wall!

     The following message is Facebook comment 70 of 70 (the last time I checked my wall) in response to this link I posted "Time to Admit It: The Catholic Church Has Always Been Right on Birth Control" on February 10, 2012 at 4:14pm:                  "To be honest, there have been times recently when I have dreaded opening my Facebook account, not because there would be comments contrary to my political, moral, or religious viewpoints, but mostly due to the almost vicious tone with which new ideas, arguments, and perspectives were shared.  I like to encourage discussion and learn what others know, think, feel, have experienced, and discerned in prayer about different issues.  I believe most of the time the discussions, conversations, even debates are ones that help us voice our concerns in a place that’s relatively safe to explore—at least that’s the tone I try to set for the discussions that take place on my wall. 
      In looking at some of the above comments and the accusations, I feel I haven’t been a good facilitator of this particular discussion, and I would like to extend my apologies to each of you along with
an explanation. 
       Everyone, I appreciate you engaging in the sometimes rather lively, other times borderline antagonistic discussions that seem to erupt on my Facebook wall regarding certain posts.  I generally sit back and read the comments people post and the links without getting too involved in what people say to one another, but this time some comments made have been taken out of context and without knowing the other people involved, so I feel the need to explain a little bit.
      Ashley, Carl, Kelly, Leia, Meghan, and Sam, since most of you don’t know all of the other parties involved in this discussion, I’d like to share with you that each one of the people mentioned above I have been friends with.  Some I have come to know quite well.  I can say without reservation that each and every one of you is well-educated, well-read, genuinely cares about people, especially the poor, voiceless, and marginalized in our society.  Furthermore, I know that none of you are zealous bigots, ignorant of history, or out to attack others.
      I am grateful to have such intelligent friends with varying perspectives, areas of expertise and interest.  I apologize for not moderating the comments better so everyone felt more at ease expressing their different views without feeling attacked by the assumptions made based on a few words from someone they didn’t know. 
      I know I have the advantage of knowing each one of you which makes it a bit easier for me to see the big picture.  I just wanted to put it out there that I care about and pray for each one of you.  I’d like to encourage healthy, even lively discussion on Facebook, my blog, and in person.  Please remember when you’re commenting that it’s likely that the whole of what someone is saying and who they are isn’t expressed completely in a few lines. 
     Lord, please help each of us open our hearts and minds to You, so that our thoughts, words, and deeds may reflect who we are in Your eyes.  Amen."
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