Monday, March 19, 2012

Go to Joseph! Jesus and Mary did.

 I can vividly remember praying while I was studying abroad in France that the Lord would make me more like the Blessed Mother and make Kevin more like St. Joseph.  I believe it’s when I was in France that I was first inspired to pray this particular intention for both of us.  In previous years, I had prayed that I would become more patient, more loving, more submissive to the Lord’s Will in all areas of my life, like Our Mother Mary.  It seemed to be fitting that I would ask the Lord to make Kevin a God-fearing man who would be a loving husband and a good father when we had been talking of marriage for a few years by then. 
A couple years ago I wrote a review on an inspiring book called Go to Joseph which you can read more about here.  The book really opened me up to an aspect of Christ’s life I hadn’t really spent a lot of time meditating on or considering before.  I highly recommend reading this retreat in a book on St Joseph. 
What’s really amazing is that the Lord has granted those fervent prayers in many ways, some of them as recently as over this past year.
Here are two magnificent posts on St. Joseph you won’t regret checking out:

Reflection questions that might be prudent to ponder: Who are your role models?  What would it take for you to become more like them?  Where will they be spending eternity?  Will you be there with them?
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