Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 47)


Homeless in a Sense I burst into tears on Sunday evening when Kevin and I were out to dinner (fortunately, it was just the two of us, and it wasn't crowded at the restaurant). My mom announced that she's having an estate/yard sale at the beginning of May and that we have two weeks to get our things out of her house because she's putting it on the market. It's beyond overwhelming to consider all the things we have to sort through and in such a short period of time as it is...Read more here.


Not the Achilles Heel Kevin has had yet another setback in his recovery.  On Wednesday, Kevin had to walk quite a ways to and from where he had to park at work, since no handicapped spots were open when he arrived.  His ankle swelled up, so he was out again on Thursday.  He's back to wearing the big boot.  Please keep the prayers coming.  The strife is not o'er yet.

Daily Practices Vivi has been all about slides lately.  She will walk over to the door in the morning soon after I arrive and announce that she wants to go down the slide.  She makes this declaration often while she is still only wearing a diaper and a Onesie. 
Playground Practices Vivi and I had fun at the playground in her neighborhood this week.  We'd been there before, and the only equipment she can really play on are the steps and one of the slides.  THe rest of it is for older children.  We had fun drawing shapes, butterflies, flowers, and such in the sand with sticks.  We found a broken pencil and conducted the usual physics experiments by sliding it down the slide a bunch of times.  What joy children exude over such simple little things.

"Play it again, Sam" I had an amusing discussion with Vivi's mom Jess about what I refer to as "noisy toys."  She said they are trying to figure out which toys to get rid of in order to preserve their sanity when the twins come.  It reminded me of how much my little guys used to love certain toys that made rather annoying sounds.  I requested that the parents let me know how to remove the batteries if such toys were available since 11 hours a day with two kids pressing the siren on the fire engine, for example, can start to grate your nerves. 


A Fondness for Books One of the things I love to do with the children I have nannied for as well as those I've worked with at school is read books that my parents read to me when I was little.  Sometimes I'll read the same title and author from their library, and sometimes, I'll get the rather worn copy my parents read to us when we were little and that I remember reading to my youngest sister Theresa when she was growing up, and share that with them,  One favorite to share is Wynken, Blyken, and Nod, a book that my grandma gave me for Christmas when I was three. 


Another rough week It's been another trying week.  I'm actually typing these Quick Takes up on our laptop whose monitor went.  Kevin hooked it up to the TV, which is old, so I can sort of see what I'm doing, considering the print is blurry, and I'm forced to wear glasses since my allergies and stress have been so bad, my eyes have become really irritated.  Lord, thank You for Your love and the compassion and concern of loved ones during tough times.  Jesus, we trust in You.
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