Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Domestic Diva Daze

Since my mom is holding an estate sale at her house this Saturday, I've been scrambling to sort, recycle, give away, and/or trash things at our apartment to make room for the things from her place of mine and Kevin's that we'd like to keep.  I made some serious progress yesterday.  I took a carload of things to the recycling center and a trunk filled with stuff to Goodwill from our place.  I've done this a number of times over the past year, but we're not finished with the process yet. 
After dinner, Kevin and I both went over to start sorting through Kevin's tools, electronics, and such in my mom's basement, and between the two of us, we filled three huge black garbage bags with trash, and had another load of recycling for me to drop off by the time we left.  I was very excited yesterday to have made so much progress.  I was definitely feeling a bit rundown, and today I'm most decidedly sore, but it's encouraging that we're making progress.   
Additional good news I discovered this week is that I know who will be organizing the estate sale.  I was worried that my mom had hired some hard-sell-everything-must-go-whether-you-like-it-or-not person to head it up.  I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am that someone who will respect my mom's wishes (as well as mine) will be orchestrating things.
It's a bit nostalgic that my youngest sister Theresa's old bedroom is now a boring white color.  My mom and I painted that room purple, the summer after I returned from my junior year abroad studying in Paris.  I don't miss the way out-of-date flowered wallpaper that was in the dining room, though it did actually match my parents' china.  I will miss homecooked meals gathered around that table.
I plan to go through the huge collection of children's books my mom kept from when we were little in addition to the things I have saved in the attic and do some more sorting, recycling, setting aside for the sale, giving away, and relocating to our place.
At least my mom has agreed not to sell the kitchen table and chairs, though the chairs could use some TLC, because that set has been in our family since I was still in diapers back in Dallas.
My mom already told me that if I see anything in the sale that I'd like to keep to go ahead and take it.  Please pray that Kevin and I choose wisely as we go through our apartment and things at my mom's house.  Some extra prayer cover that my mom will soon sell her house for a good price would also be much appreciated!
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