Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 48)

Domestic Diva Daze is the best way to describe much of what this week has been like for me as Kevin and I have gone through our place sorting, recycling, giving away, reorganizing things, then going over to my mom’s to do the same thing before the estate sale she’s having this Saturday.  For greater detail on this ordeal, click here.    
Marriage vs. Priesthood Our dear brother in Christ John sent us this awesome article titled “The Grass Is Brown on Both Sides” that first appeared on one of his favorite Catholic blogs, Word on Fire.  Here is the overview of the article:  Marriage and religious life are often put on pedestals by folks on the outside looking in. Word on Fire contributor Fr. Damian Ference discusses the tendency to romanticize what we don't have, and highlights the need to accept the cross in both vocations…”
Right on! The following is my response to the above-mentioned article: “Thanks for sharing this. I love this article! It's so very true. Trials, tribulations, and difficulties will arise in whatever vocation God calls us to in order to sanctify us. Often we are faced with similar challenges through different circumstances. If we take the time to listen and be there for others, we'll find out how much we have in common when it comes to our deepest needs, wants, and longings. We yearn for the Lord's love, seek out truth, want to be loved for who we are not what we can do.”

Little Sponges Taking care of Vivi (who's two years and two months old) has reminded me of what little sponges young children are.  They remember so much it’s mindboggling as well as quite humbling.  She’s really gotten in the groove of our routine and seems to be doing well with it.  She tells me soon after breakfast that she wants to go outside, and she knows that will mean she has to get dressed, that we’ll get the stroller, the diaper bag, then go to my car if we’re going on a fun field trip.  Take care of everything you say and do, children will listen, learn, and likely repeat.

A Sense of Humor Taking care of children, loving and nurturing them in all of their phases requires a sense of humor in my opinion.  Vivi’s parents definitely possess this gift.  One Sunday when Vivi ran out of the church into the commons after Mass, Jess (her mom who’s due any day now with twin girls) suggested that Carl (her father) go after her.  Carl made some comment to the effect of not worrying about chasing after Vivi since they have a couple spares on the way.   

Forgoing Vocational Discernment Kevin and I have had many very deep discussions with people who are discerning their lifelong vocations.  We have close friends who we’ve helped apply to religious communities, so that theme has been on our minds quite often.  The other day Jess informed me that Carl has already decided that their soon-to-be-born twins (Livi and Sophia) aren’t going to be allowed to date until Vivi gets married.  She then added that Carl’s going to put Vivi in a convent.    

Book Review Extravaganza  I haven’t really fallen behind on reading, but since life’s been so hectic lately I have yet to post reviews of some books I have read.  They will be coming.  It’s just been a really crazy week.  I’ve read and received some really impressive books lately, so please stay tuned.  In the meantime, feel free to check out the 100 some book reviews I've already written and posted on my blog.

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