Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 51)

The Twins Were Born! Early this morning, Jess went into labor.  The twins were born this morning: Livia Marie at 9:40am and Sophia Jane at 9:48am.  Jess, Livia and Sophia are all doing well.  The girls have taken to feeding without a problem.  Praise God! 
Telling Vivi the News When I told Vivi this morning that her sisters had been born, her immediate response was: “TA-DAAAA!”  After sunshine wakes up from her nap, I’m going to take her over the hospital for a visit.  We shall see what she has to say when she realizes that there are no longer “babies in pants.”
Always the Nanny, never the mom I am truly grateful for the many children God has brought into my life and Kevin’s to love and care for over the years.  Over the past twenty years, I have babysat, tutored, taught, nannied, loved, nurtured, read, sung, danced, played with, and watched hundreds of children grow, learn, laugh, cry, and be precious examples of new life and hope.  I have not yet been able to get past the sadness and grief that Kevin and I may never get to be parents.  Please pray that we’ll accept the grace to live out the Lord’s will and will be given the courage to glorify Him in the midst of joy and in the depths of sorrow.     
Romans 8 is what Kevin and I each have engraved on the inside of our wedding bands.  There are a number of promises in that chapter of the Bible that we’ve both clung to since we were dating.  Sometimes it’s harder than others to trust and believe the “all things work for good for those who love God…” that begins the poignant section that contains some of the life verses for our relationship and belief in God.  
Missing Theresa’s Show For many years, I have enjoyed watching my youngest sister Theresa dance, whether she was bounce dancing at home as a toddler, jamming at the St. Mary’s Musical Review, onstage for a recital or a rehearsal, a school performance, or a choreographed piece.  I’m kind of bummed that I haven’t gotten to see a single one of her performances since she’s been going to The Ohio State University.  At least my mom was able to fly up there this weekend to see what’s supposed to be quite the event.  Here’s how Theresa’s advertised it on her FB page: “Dance Uptown: DIRT (i.e. sand, water, tar, dust, blood, sweat and tears) DON'T MISS IT... because it's probably not going to happen again...”  Wish I could be there, too.

Love Remains & Makes a Wrinkle in Time I love you. I miss you. I’m grateful you’re in my life. I’m praying for you. Those are four of the messages that have touched me deeply. In the past week, it has been quite humbling, and in many ways healing, to go back through the letters, notes, cards, and such that I’ve saved over the years from family and close friends.
Sometimes I can forget how powerful it is to receive a card, letter, or note from a loved one. Many of us have gotten so used to texting, chatting, e-mailing, and maybe even picking up the phone once in a while that written correspondence seems even more precious...Read more.

Stay tuned!  I plan to post pictures of the twins as soon as I can.  I also have a few book reviews to add to my line-up.  Depending on how the weekend goes, I might do another reflection on another significant happening that took place the Sunday evening of Memorial Day weekend in 2006.  Enjoy the extra day off with your loved ones!     
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