Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In Memory of My Dad: James Lester Niermeyer

In honor of my dad’s birthday, (he would have been 57 today), I made sure to do some of his favorite things: 

     1.      I’m currently listening to the Eagles while I’m writing this.  Actually, I think this was probably my dad’s copy of the CD. 

     2.      Earlier today I sat in a very comfy recliner, Dad’s prime spot in his apartment. 

     3.      I also did one of his all-time favorite pastimes, I rocked a baby girl to sleep on my shoulder.  (Truth be told, I rocked two of them to sleep on my shoulder in the recliner more than once today while nannying for the three Baab girls.)

     4.      I plan on having some ice cream with chocolate sauce on it before I go to bed this evening.   

I have fond memories of my dad’s final birthday, and I’ve still got the message on our answering machine that he left for us that evening three years ago.  Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call.  Reconcile, make amends, say thank you and I love you.
Dad, I'm grateful you're now somewhere you know that you're loved unconditionally, that you get to be with loved ones who have gone before you, and that you no longer have a heavy burden of suffering weighing you down. 
     We love you and miss you, Dad, but we know you’re watching over us from Heaven.    
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