Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 67)

My Own Parable of O’s and Fishes I still find it hard to believe that it was eight years ago Sept. 13 that I began nannying for "my two little guys." Hank and Jack, you will always have a special place in my heart. Here's a parable I wrote way back when taking care of the "bare piggy brigade" and “toddler tagteam” called A Parable of O’s and Fishes.

Why my husband rocks! Okay, there are a whole lot of reason why I am beyond blessed to have Kevin as my husband.  I was reminded of many of those last Saturday when Kevin helped me take care of Vivi, Livi, and Sophie so their parents could go out for a bit.  It cracked me up that he met me over there on his motorcycle in full riding gear looking hot in a badass kind of way.  Before long he was helping with babies, bottles, burping, and toddler entertaining (I changed any and all dirty diapers).  Kevin's comment later that evening: "You look at those two little ones--absolute miracles in every possible sense!" This is one of the many reasons I love my husband indubitably. He gets that each child is a miracle created and loved by the Lord.
My Nanny Diary This week Vivi had a tea party on the deck (with no political implications whatsoever), Livi rolled across the room and won the award for most prolific pooper of the week, and Sophie kept up her Big Gulp bottle drinking tendency.  As their mom Jessica observed, it seems that Livi has gotten chunkier though Sophie’s been drinking more milk this week.  I’m sure this will cause for quite a few disagreements if the same is true in their teen years. 
Hollins Paris Abroad Program Project One of my favorite professors, who is also a very dear friend, Jean Fallon, is undertaking an exciting project gathering information, stories and pictures from the over 1300 students who have participated in the Hollins Paris Abroad program since it began.  I’ve taken this as another sign that I’m supposed to be working on the spiritual memoir since the part I’ve reached and started writing about is my time in France.  Fortunately, I kept a regular journal, wrote lots of poetry, and kept a prayer journal while I was over there in addition to writing a number of letters and e-mails, so I’ll have lots to jog my memory and glean from for the memoir and to serve as a jumping for Jean Fallon’s awesome book project. 

Our Beloved Brother in Christ/Seminarian Update This is John Baab's second week of classes, and he's getting into the swing of things.  Last Wednesday was his first time going to the place where he will be doing his pastoral time this year, a nursing home for retired nuns, and he said it went well.  When I went to visit my grandma today, Sister Joseph Mary was very joyful to hear that John's at seminary in Baltimore and asked me to tell him that they're praying for him.        


Oh my goodness! This past Tuesday was a busy but good day watching the girls followed by a hectic, stressful evening dealing with my poor husband who'd had an awful day and the evening's ensuing motorcycle mayhem. I knew it wouldn't be pretty when he had to jump the battery three times before leaving the parking lot at work. Fortunately, I insisted on following him in my car, because the thing stalled out and wouldn't restart on a rather busy road. Apparently our AAA Plus membership doesn't cover motorcycles. That requires a RV policy which we added that evening on our second call to them, then found out it takes seven days before it's activated, meaning we still had to pay $75 out of pocket to have the thing towed after we added the policy rider. At least the second person Kevin spoke with transferred us to a towing company once we finished speaking. When he'd called information in between AAA calls to get the number of a very well-known local towing company, they said they didn't have the number on file. Yes, there was more to the story than that, but suffice it to say we made it through the evening together and were very grateful when we finally were able to get dinner and go home. 
   A Perfect Picnic with my Grandma I had a nice picnic lunch outside with my grandma on Wednesday. In the event that I live several more years, I hope and pray that I will maintain the attitude of gratitude that woman has, the depth of faith, and the delight in nature that she still has in her late 80s. Read more here.

     This week's 7 Quick Takes Friday is being hosted by over at Camp Patton.  Head over to Conversion Diary, to read Jen Fulwiler's wonderful tradition of 7 Quick Takes Friday.
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