Friday, September 14, 2012

The Secret Life of John Paul II

I was immediately intrigued by the title of this book.  I’ve read a fair amount about Blessed Pope John Paul II and I’ve read and studied even more that was written by him.  Both what I’ve read about and by him have always served to bring me closer to the Lord and grow in appreciation of the love and mercy offered to us by God, Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Mother.  He and Blessed Mother Teresa are two of the people I’ve always enjoyed reading about and learning from, regardless of what aspect of their lives a certain book or article covered. 
The Secret Life of John Paul II is a powerfully moving account of how the holiness, sanctity, compassion, and warmth of this man touched many even when he was “off the record.”  You will see how John Paul II’s prayerful spirit, love of nature, sportsmanship, and friendliness pervade the moments he spent during his secret getaways to mountains in Italy to enjoy two past times from his youth: hiking and skiing. 
Learn how mountain guide Lino Zani and his family formed a lifelong friendship with John Paul II.  During his “clandestine trip” to go skiing, the pope was deeply moved by the family’s hospitality and very interested in the history of the Adamello area where they live. While visiting there, the man referred as the “Fatima pope” had a surprising revelation that relates to the third secret of Fatima.
I highly recommend this book to people who are interested in the outdoors, faith, John Paul II, Fatima, and those who enjoy learning about history and nature.  To find out more about The Secret Life of John Paul II, check out this article by National Catholic Register’s Rome correspondent, Edward Pentin.  To order a copy of this book published by St.Benedict Press, click here. 

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