Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 81)

Christmas Card Cop-out I would like to say a sincere thanks to all of you who sent us Christmas cards! You didn't receive one from us this year not because we don't love you, but because I decided to try and maintain my sanity and a prayerful spirit while Kevin and I have lot going on right now. In other words consider yourself, loved, hugged, and prayed for!   

Traditions from the Niermeyers There are three pieces that make up the holiday tradition must-do things for our family: 1.) certain Christmas music 2.) decorating the family Tree 3.) making Christmas cookies.  We really get into these three traditions every year, click here for details and a few photos.
Wisdom from White Christmas which it’s our family’s tradition to watch each year.  I wrote this reflection Fall Asleep Counting Your Blessings a few years ago when we didn’t do many of our usual traditions and how they played out for us that Advent season.   

Teeth R Movin’ This has been an interesting couple of weeks for teeth in the under 3 age bracket of the household where I nanny.  The twins both have their two front bottom teeth starting to peek through their gums the same week when their older sister had to have her top two front teeth removed.  Though it’s made me think of the song “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth,” I’m not sure it actually applies to any of them at the moment.  Cutting teeth is painful, but having them pulled is not too fun either.  Hopefully the tooth fairy will also bring something nice for the girls’ mommy and daddy this weekend.       

Remembering Loved Ones Lost I’ve had some dreams about my dad this week.  In one of them, there was a period of time within the dream that I thought my dad was still alive, though he had already died even (in the dream).  Thinking of him along with family and friends who have lost loved ones more recently always reminds me to pray extra for those mourning those dear to them, especially this time of year.  Of course, all of those affected by the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, will be in our hearts and prayers this year.    

No Family, No Celebration A Christian friend texted me this week to check in and see how Kevin and I were doing.  Talk about a humbling experience, this busy single mom (of a 14 month old little boy who’s super cute!) works full-time and lives a few hours away from us, and she's the one who takes the time to reach out to us to see how things are going.  (Major guilt enter stage right and left.) I asked her what she was doing for Christmas.  She said she has to work Christmas day, and that since she has no family in this country, she usually doesn’t do anything special to celebrate.  How sad is that.  Not sure if Kevin and I will be able to go see them sometime soon, but we’ll certainly be sending something to help them celebrate Christ’s birth and God’s love!  If you know someone without family nearby, try to include them in what you're doing and/or do something special with them between now and New Year's.

My Audition Piece Over the past eleven days, when I haven’t been chasing little ones or running errands, I’ve been feverishly rereading, taking notes, on the first four books in a YA series, and working on an audition piece I will be sending within the week to a group of authors who are actively seeking a fourth writer for their series of Young Adult novels.  The cool thing is that I’ll be working with them either way as a copy editor (though I’d really love to be the fourth writer, too!)  Your prayers would be much appreciated please and thanks!   
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