Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 89)

Trisha Needs a Nap It's been a long, busy week.  So long and tiring that even Vivi could tell I needed a nap and must be sleepy.  She knew this even before we made it to Friday. 
     At least it was nice enough the girls and I could all go out in the backyard for a bit on Tuesday.  One of many precious moments that day was hearing Vivi sing the French song I've been singing to them (without any prompting).  Later she charmed me with her version of "Sing Sweet Nightingale" from Cinderella.  Her rendition is quite endearing in an incoherent extra-consonants kind of way.
     The twins are still too flipping cute and interested in exploring for their own good.  They’ve been spitting, spraying, and chattering up a storm this week.  They’re both crawling around with ease and a determined curiosity that keeps me on my toes.      

Way Off Broadway A good chunk of songs that I pretty much know by heart (ones that are of the fun to sing and dance to with kids variety) are Broadway show tunes.  My mom, sisters, and I have been known to burst into song at the dinner table, to the confusion and amusement of any first-time guests. 
     There’s really something to be said about learning the Broadway classics, as they are so often alluded to and parodied in countless genre.  If you haven’t taught young children some of the classic songs from, say White Christmas, Singin’ in the Rain, Funny Girl, or The Sound of Music, you’re really missing out on some wonderful educational opportunities, not to mention, magnificent free entertainment.  One of my favorite alternative renditions this week, Vivi sang out: “There’s a star in my heart, and I’m ready for love.”    
Play-Doh: A wonderful toy with endless possibilities was mostly a saving grace this week.  Vivi enjoyed sitting in her high chair doing something her sisters aren’t old enough to do but try desperately to reach without success.  Only trouble is I made Play-Doh versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse some day last week when it just so happened that the twins were both sleeping and Vivi had me all to herself.  Ever since playing with Play-Doh has become another occasion during which I am asked every few seconds to participate, even though I’m usually in the middle of doing something, such as changing a poopy diaper, feeding a hungry child, removing curious hands from cords, wires, and plastic bags… 
Time to Clock Out I knew I was really worn out on the way home Thursday when I found myself thinking that it would be awesome if I could use some of Vivi’s Play-Doh to make a mute button, then wave her magic wand over it and have it work for maybe just five minutes at a time so I could collect my thoughts, go to the bathroom without a running interrogation or commentary on what I’m doing.          

Motivational Speaker I can’t help but laugh when Vivi hears me peeing and starts cheering and clapping, like we do when she goes peepee sitting on the toilet.  Oh, would that such words of heartfelt encouragement declared so boldly weren’t simply for my prowess in correctly using a potty.

Valentine’s Day: My Heart’s Desire Kevin asked if I wanted to meet him somewhere for dinner. I said yes, then called him back upon a few minutes reflection, and told him that all I was up for was to go directly home. I woke up with a sore throat in the morning, and the day was crazy/insane enough with the girls that I totally forgot about it. Fortunately, my loving husband understood and brought dinner home where it's mostly quiet and usually less hectic than a three ring circus.
Feeling the Love Thanks to everyone who has called, sent cards, e-mails, and expressed their condolences regarding my grandmother’s passing.  I’m very, very grateful to have so many loving family members and friends!  I’m sorry I haven’t responded or let you know how much your love and prayers mean to my family and me.  I’ve been sick ever since last weekend, and I’ve barely had any energy by the time I get home in the early evening.  I’m praying that I’ll be completely refreshed over the three day weekend and can reconnect with everyone once I’m in a less zombie-like state.       

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