Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 90)

Faith and Family Together God granted Kevin and me a very special gift last Sunday.  We went to Mass with my uncle Rob, who was down here from Rochester for his daughter (my cousin) Meaghan’s volleyball tournament in DC.  He came to visit my mom, and the four of us went to Mass together at St. Michael’s. 
     Our pastor, Fr. Dan Brady delivered a sermon that fit perfectly with the talk about the Eucharist Kevin had given to the participants of the Men’s Christ Renews His Parish retreat early that morning.  And who was there to speak about their ministry and take up a second collection? One of my favorite sisters from where my grandma spent the last years of her life: Little Sisters of the Poor.  She saw me among the crowd and even mentioned my grandmother’s name, saying they consider their residents as family and make sure that someone is with them, praying at the hour of their death.
     Kevin and I both had tears in our eyes.  In many ways, it felt as if last Sunday was God’s way of granting us time in prayer with family who knew and loved my grandmother, and an opportunity to let her legacy live on in our minds, hearts, and prayers. 

Homemade Goodness Last Sunday, my uncle Rob made lasagna from scratch, and it was absolutely delicious.  The only other piece of my Gram’s funeral weekend I’d really been sad to miss was time with family and loved ones sharing a meal together, and this made up for that.  It’s always amusing to watch my mom and her youngest brother going back and forth about stuff.  This visit was no different from others in that respect.  God is good!
Leftovers Anytime: The twins have certainly been making sure they get sufficient servings of veggies even if they don’t quite make it in their mouths the first go-round.  I’ve gotten accustom to the girls picking up things from the floor and munching on them.  When they began grabbing things from the floor and I didn’t know what they had grabbed, I would swoop down and get the item from their mouths, much to their confusion and frustration.  After discovering that every time it was a piece of dehydrated pea or corn kernel, I’ve left them to their grazing.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a good portion of their caloric intake each day comes from their preferred version of leftovers. 
Photography & Scrapbooking I’ve had a passion for photography for a number of years which I have celebrated in part by getting lots of photos of the children in my care for their parents to enjoy.  Some of the most fun I’ve had putting together memory books and scrapbooks have been those of favorite little people so they and their parents have a fun record of our time together.  Thankfully my husband has been very understanding over the past few months about how often I’ve had our dining room table covered with scrapbooking materials. 

Singing and Dancing Another two things I’ve found that energize me and are also lots of fun for the girls are singing and dancing.  I sing a rather wide variety of songs to them.  One of the ones I’ve done has been some of “Rockin’ Robin.”  This week when Vivi requested we listen to it, I played her both the Jackson 5 version as well as the original Bobby Day version.  After playing these, Youtube videos for a few times in a row, I decided we’d move on to something else.  I selected a song we hadn’t listened to five times in a row, before I went up to get one of her sisters who’d woken up from her nap.  I come down the stairs to a near three-year-old Vivi telling me with an extra helping of sass: “This is NOT Rockin’ Robin!”  My total request live does have its limits.  When I’m tired of the song, we move on to something else, a certain “noisy toy” might go missing, or the batteries in something might cease working all of a sudden. 

Heading North "It's always an adventure in Holly-world!" True dat! We'll certainly miss you Holly Moskowitz, one of my best friends ever since high school, but we do expect to hear and read regular updates and the same brand of endearing silliness now that she’s moving up to Malone, New York for her new position as nurse practitioner at an Ob/Gyn’s office. Kevin and I can honestly say we've never watched anyone else pack up their stuff while sporting a pair of hoop earrings (that they needed help from a neighbor to put on), randomly found rings and jewelry, a glittery magenta cowboy hat, and pearl lookalike beads. We love you!  You are in our thoughts and prayers as always!
Respect Life Talk Wow! Glad I was given the opportunity to talk with the middle school religious education classes at our church this week.  It's interesting to find out how many middle school students know what abortion is but don't know that our current president supports it wholeheartedly or that the HHS mandate is an infringement of our religious freedom because the official and forever teaching of the Catholic Church on abortion is that it's taking an innocent life. Many didn't realize Obamacare will force to pay for abortions and contraception and violate our consciences (or pay astronomical fines) stand up for our beliefs and fight against a direct infringement of our religious freedom. 
     I only had ten minutes to talk with one of the groups, so I started out by asking them what the leading cause of death is in the United States and the world.  Guesses ranged from smoking to heart attacks, but both the kids and most of the adults present were surprised to learn that it isn’t either of those health complications or hunger that’s the biggest killer: it’s abortion
    My mom and my grandmother are certainly two of the most prominent pro-life advocates in my life.  I am very grateful for both of them.  My mom is yet again leading the 40 Days for Life campaign in our city.  I know my grandma’s prayers are joining ours from Heaven. 
    Lord, thank You for the many people you have put in my life who have taught me the value of a human life from conception to natural death.  

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