Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nostalgic Moments at Unusual Times (My Nanny Diary)

The Tow Truck Derby
There are several police cars and tow trucks outside of our place.  They’re clearing the streets of cars so the leaf removal, street-cleaning machines can come in and do their thing.  I had to laugh when I looked out the window and saw all the commotion.  Hank and JG, the boys I nannied for from fall 2004 to summer 2006, absolutely loved watching big trucks, police cars, tow trucks, and any construction equipment. 
They’d congregate at the window with awe and fascination when the police cars and big tow trucks would show up, ticketing, then dragging off one car after another parked in front of the signs about not parking there on a certain day for street cleaning.  They remained glued to the window (or if we were outside when the phenomenon occurred), they were leaning forward in the double stroller, absolutely riveted.  They moved only to get another handful of Cheerios or Goldfish crackers from their cups.  I would describe to them what was happening, who was doing what, and then stand back and watch them soak up the free entertainment. 
Throughout the day, they’d sometimes look up at me and say something about a big truck or a police car with a gleam in their eye that I knew would show up later in life when they spoke of a spectacular sporting event or a marvel of modern transportation.   
 Sanitation Fascination
Garbage collection day was also a very exciting time for the boys.  When we heard the truck coming down the street, they’d run to the back window.  If the weather was nice enough, we’d head out the back door to watch the big huge truck come and pick up the garbage and crush it in the back.  The gentlemen from the sanitation department always waved at the boys and got a kick out of being people they looked up to because they got to drive and ride on a big truck. 
I sometimes feel bad when Sunshine hears the garbage truck because she can’t see it out the back window, and so far we haven’t been in a position where I could get one toddler and two babies outside fast enough to enjoy the wonders of big trucks and trash pick-up.  Perhaps in the spring and summer, when it’s a bit warmer, it’ll be easier for us to get to where we can see the big truck instead of just hear it rumbling along and beeping when it backs up.  
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