Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 113)

Navel Gazing at Its Cutest Kids crack me up just saying what comes into their heads and doing what
comes naturally to them.  Scooter has become very much aware of her belly button.  She checks numerous times a day to make sure that it’s still where she left it.  Once when Kevin called this week, and I answered: “Hi sweetheart.” Sunshine said, “Hi, sweetheart.” Kevin heard it and wanted to talk with her.  He asked whether Scooter’s belly button was still there (as I’d sent him a pic of the little navel gazer at it again), then asked her if her own was still in place.  She answered yes to both questions without looking.

What’s my name? Just a sampling of Sunshine's running commentary, alternative lyrics, and such: "Rain, rain, full of grace, come again another day! Do you see a dragonfly and a monster? I'm doing princess exercises!"  Recently, she’s added commander to the list of ways she refers to herself and what she calls her sisters and me.  I’ve gotten some pretty cool titles from her including: princess, pirate, cowboy, captain, and ballerina, among others.  I’m not quite sure how it is that I resemble Handy Manny, Captain Hook, or Santa Claus, but she's compared me to them as well. At least Handy Manny and Santa Claus are kind, helpful, and generous.  If you think of a redeeming quality that Captain Hook possesses, let me know.
Generational Healing It's truly fascinating how people in a family view things so very differently based on our personalities, temperaments, life experiences, beliefs about ourselves, and our perceptions of how others and God see us.
Here's a short video that made me laugh.  Not sure if there's an elephant in the room or skeletons in their closet, but it's an amusing reminder that we all have "our little red wagons" as a friend of mine says (whether we acknowledge them or not).

Lord, thank You for being the One Source of perfect, unconditional, limitless Love and Truth we can all turn to when unsure of how to view ourselves and others. Please help us accept the love, kindness, gentleness, and healing You seek to give us. Amen.
A Remarkable Man On Tuesday, I attended the funeral of a gentleman I'd never met, because I'd heard such wonderful things about his family and his son, who is a priest in our diocese.  The Lord saw fit to nudge me to go to that funeral Mass for many reasons in between my dad's birthday and the upcoming anniversary of his death.  It was a tremendous blessing to be there for the beautiful funeral Mass held for Walter Carlin Barrett, Sr.  He was said to be a man of few words who put the Lord and his family before everything else.  Monsignor Walter Barrett, one of his three children, presided at the Mass held at Holy Rosary Catholic Church.  During his homily, he shared that one of his earliest memories was of his father reading the Bible to him before putting him to bed.        

Ordination Celebration This Friday evening Kevin and I will be going to the ordination of Charles Williams, a friend of ours through Cursillo.  When I made my Cursillo weekend back in June 2006, Marie, his lovely wife, was on team.  When Kevin served on team in March 2009, he served with Charles.  It’s amazing what the Lord can do in seven years’ time, and miraculous how deep the bonds are that are centered on a love of the Lord.    

Upon Entry Michele Morris is in California.  She was fitted yesterday for the two dresses she will wear during her time as a postulant (which I'm certain doesn't resemble the purple dress she bought to wear on the day she enters), and she sent out her last e-mail before entering, detailing her recent travels with her mom and some more amusing anecdotes the likes of which are normal only for Michele.  Please pray for her during this time of major transition.
Please also pray for her mother, Janice, who will soon have to say goodbye to her daughter without knowing the next time she’ll be able to make it out to California to visit. (Only her mom and sister can visit.  The rest of us will have to wait six years. Heavy sigh.)  Michele can only receive and write letters at Christmas and Easter, but you can send prayer requests to the community at any time, I’m sure.  The mailing address is: Carmelite Monastery, 27601 Highway 1 Carmel, CA 93923  To find out more about Michele’s new home, visit The Sisters by the Sea website.

Miscarriage & Interment of Angels Friends of ours recently had a miscarriage, and they were directed to a program called Interment of Angels that is “a cooperative effort among Richmond area hospitals, Bliley funeral home, and the Catholic Diocese of Richmond."  Through this program, their baby was buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery at no cost to them.  I have had a few close friends who have had the heart-wrenching experience of having a miscarriage, and I can’t even fathom how painful that must be.  It's one of those times when you know you can't take away the suffering they're going through, that you can only be present with and for them, lifting them up in prayer.  Please pray for all who are mourning the loss of their loved ones.   
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