Friday, January 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 136) The Power of Prayer, Being in the Moment, and My Word for this Year

Grace is…witnessing the power of prayer, guardian angels keeping your loved ones safe, little ones full-out running into your arms for a hug, laughter in the midst of life’s messiness, seeing strength, courage, and beauty in others who struggle to see it in themselves, a good night’s sleep…

Have Trouble Being in the Moment? Why yes, sometimes I do.  It drives me crazy that I can sometimes be like all but one of the people in this video.  I’d rather not admit that I, too, can be so plugged in to electronic devices that I’m not really present to and with the people right before me.  I have and will continue to shut down the computer, turn my cellphone off, and request the TV be turned off so that I can have what is actual quality time with my loved ones, but I still have to be mindful of such things or else.    
     The irony of it all is that I found this video clip link on Facebook, and I was distracted from watching it because my phone beeped.  I’d gotten a text from my mom.  I responded to it immediately letting her know that I’m home for the evening if she wants to call and have someone listen as she’s had a lot of tough stuff to deal with this week. 
     I don’t have a smartphone or an iPhone.  My mobile is minimally intelligent and the camera in it’s just about useless, which is why I try to interact and associate with people who are smart and am still carrying around my good old faithful 10 megapixel Panasonic Lumix camera.
     One day when we can afford to upgrade our phones and calling plan, I may have to resist the temptation to spend too much time on my smartphone, but right now I’m too busy juggling different devices when trying to remain reasonably connected and turning all of them off when ready for some actual quality time with people in the flesh.

Prayer Warriors Unite I’d like to thank all of my prayer warrior family and friends for your extra prayers for a family friend Dawn this week. Dawn’s surgery went well, and she's been transferred to Richmond for her rehabilitation. She could use and would very much appreciate ongoing prayer for a smooth, speedy recovery. (See, I don’t think technology is bad.  I actually texted many of my prayer warrior friends as well as got in touch with people via Facebook for purposes of requesting prayer, and then there’s my blog…)
Stuff my husband says: The other day when I asked Kevin if he knew who the girl was who sang the National Anthem at one of the bowl games.  This is what he said: "I think she won one of the singing shows. So You Think You've Got Vocal Cords or something like that.”  Lord, I love having a husband who so often makes me laugh!
It’s Time to Move On…It is only because God has recently made it clear that moving on is what He wants of me (of us) now that I have the courage to take this step.  I don’t like major changes, and I honestly don’t know what’s next for us, but we’re doing our best to trust God with everything and do what He tells us.  This is why my last day nannying for the three silly sisters I love so dearly will be on Thursday, January 16, 2014.  
    Kevin and I could really use extra prayer cover as we discern what's next and get through what we've been given to deal with already this year.

Keepin’ It Real A friend of ours through Cursillo called the other evening to ask if Kevin and I would be going to the Cursillo Potluck at St. Paul's this Friday. I didn't hear my phone ring, but apparently a certain little livewire did. She picked it up, answered it, and clicked speakerphone without me knowing, though she was sitting right next to me. In my defense, her twin was sitting on my lap and her other sister was singing and skipping around. Suddenly, I hear a male voice, and I'm thinking she must have hit the call button and gotten my husband. Nope! It was our friend Joe joking that I must have made it big if I've got someone else answering my phone for me now. 
My Word for the Year After reading about Jen Fulwiler’s word for this year (which is the big GO), I left the following comment for this Catholic wife and mother of six children who are all still under age 10: “I admire your willingness to accept a word that seems so contrary to what you often are inclined to do, especially with a posse of small children to contend with.  Though you feel stressed and overwhelmed, so often there are people who will be struck in a brief moment by how precious one of your children is, and that may change their day, week, month, year.  My husband and I don't have children of our own, and we may never be able to, so we are often struck (usually figuratively instead of literally, but sometimes both) by the children we see.  Though you may only see the mismatched socks, ill-fitting outerwear, tangled hair, someone else sees a ray of hope, sunlight, joy, just being in the presence of a little one.  GO and be blessed as well as a blessing!”  
     After thinking about what my word should be for this year, I listened in prayer and got one that would have to be from the Holy Spirit, because it’s probably one of the last words I’d come up with for me.  A person who had known me and been friends with me a few years once told me that I am someone who comes across as being a bit intense at times.  I mentioned this to my best friend from high school who had known me for 13 years by then, and she responded with: "You're one of the most intense people on the planet!"  So there you have it.  Those who know me well know I'm by far the hardest on myself, so this ought to be an interesting challenge for which I will need extra helpings of grace.    
     I painted my word for 2014 so I can hang it up and be reminded of it daily: 

Check out Jen Fulwiler’s tradition of 7 Quick Takes Friday at her tremendously popular blog Conversion Diary.  

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