Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Laughing Together Series (Vol. 5) "You're still pretty, though."

It wasn’t long before Kevin started singling me out to do things.  Our first trip alone together was to a music store called Media Play.  During our outing, Kevin said something that led me to believe he was attracted to me.  He recounted the beginning of the lady in the nursing home scene that we’d all been laughing about, but then finished with a different punch line, “you’re still pretty damn cute for a 125 pounder.” 

He’d been a great listener thus far—another attribute I noticed early on that no doubt helped win me over—but he certainly misquoted the weight conscious little old lady.  That was one of those moments I played over and analyzed later for possible deeper meanings.  Of all of the ones I came up with, I liked the ‘he thinks I’m attractive’ interpretation best.

On the way home from our rather brief outing, I asked Kevin if he would ever let me drive his car.  He was very into his ride, so I was testing him to see if he’d trust me with one of his most prized possessions.  I never expected his abrupt response.  As soon as the words left my lips, he pulled over on the side of the road, got out, and let me drive.  Not only that, but I didn’t give him the keys back when we returned to the cottage.  That evening he went out to dinner with his dad, his sister Wendy, and her husband Bob.  While they were gone, I moved his car to the crowded Crescent Beach Restaurant parking lot down the street. 

He sought me out right away when he didn’t see his car in the driveway.  He asked me where it was.  I shrugged my shoulders and handed him the keys.  Visions of an accident danced in his head.  He continued interrogating me, and I told him I’d lead him to the general vicinity of where it was.  As Kevin, Theresa, and I were walking down the street, I yelled “Oooooaaaaahhh…psht!” and ran into him sideways, pretending we were two cars crashing.  He laughed and shook his head.  I led him to the hotel parking lot.  He pressed the button to disarm the alarm, and the headlights flashed.  Dead giveaway.  The hunt was fun while it lasted.  

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