Saturday, April 30, 2016

Michele Morris Update and Exciting News about Her One-Act Play "Teresita"

This is what the book's cover will look like.

Where Is She Now?

Michele Morris has returned to Richmond, Virginia.  After an adventure in following God’s will that led her clear across the country to Carmel, she has continued praying and discerning the question she began to ask God many years ago “What do You want of me?” 

Her devotion to Christ, being a person of prayer, and seeking His will in all things have remained.  It looks a little different than she’d expected, but that’s often been the case.  In recent months, she has been led by the Lord to seek publication for her original play about St. Teresa of Avila. 

“Teresita” ends with a message of needing to move forward to discover and finish discerning if the life of a Carmelite was indeed where St. Teresa was being called to spend the rest of her life.  Michele continues her own discernment having journeyed to Carmel and back. 

The parallels between Michele’s life and St. Teresa of Avila's are fascinating.  Now many others will get a taste of the highs and lows of vocational discernment in the life of one of the most popular Doctors of the Church through “Teresita.”

About the Play

Known as Teresita to her friends and family, nineteen-year-old Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada asks for her father's permission to enter Carmel of the Incarnation.  He says no. In a passionate and decisive moment, Teresa leaves home in the middle of the night without her father’s knowledge.  Teresa reflects on her life's experiences that led her to this imminent decision.     

The Buzz about “Teresita”

"Michele has produced a drama that is born from a heart filled with love for St. Teresa of Avila. She captures the faith of the great Saint whose story is fitting in this age of a profound renewal of the church. She acts with a conviction inspired by Teresa."
~ Fr. James F. Kauffmann, S.T.B., S.T.L., M.A., S.S.L. 

“Ms. Morris in “Teresita” exceeded our expectations with the depth of the story, the poignancy of the message, and the sheer entertainment value. She puts a human face on this Saint whose lofty reputation can have a dehumanizing effect. I highly recommend her show for audiences of children and adults alike. For us, one performance was not enough.” 
                                      ~ Fr. Robert Novokowsky, FSSP

"Michele Morris has created a compelling and important script and performs it with dynamic sincerity.   Her one-woman play, "Teresita," reaches out to us and penetrates into the depths of what each of us define as "faith." I am so pleased to recommend that you experience this show!"
~ Larry Gard, Artistic Director, Carpenter Science Theatre Company 

"Teresita" is going to be published as a book by Leonine Publishers.  To see the upcoming book in the Leonine bookstore, click here and scroll to the bottom.    

Special thanks to my Glory Bee Friend!" 😁🐝     Love, Michele
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