Friday, July 8, 2016

Honey, I’ve Earned My Gray! A Conversation with My Hairdresser and How I Earned My Stripes

“You have some gray hairs coming in,” my hairdresser informed me a while back.  “Do you want me to pull them out?”

“Honey, I’ve earned my gray!”  I said with a wave of my hand. 

My hairdresser laughed and made some comment about how I’ll probably look good with white hair. 

I’ve been through a number of life circumstances that make me feel like I really have earned my gray and white hair, every single strand.  The following circumstances are the most likely to have contributed to this phenomenon:
  1. Perhaps you’ve met my dearly beloved husband.   My main man is part Minion (See post titled Is Your Main Man Part Minion? Top 10 Ways You Can Tell)
  2. I have taken care of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers for four or more hours at a time by myself. In other words, your kids are partially responsible. (See My Nanny Diary)
  3. I like to know what the laws, rules, and regulations are, and I actually try to follow them. 
  4. My husband sometimes rides a motorcycle.
  5. We live in a unique place with a bunch of interesting people. (See Top 40 Signs You Aren’t Above Being Ghetto)
  6. I have had more than one family member in hospice care at a time. (My dad and my grandma.)
  7. I have been told that my sense of responsibility for the safety and well-being of others, particularly those who are very young, elderly, or otherwise particularly fragile, is at times overdeveloped and hyperactive.
  8. I have survived several sessions of rereading the same board book over and over.  (Mr. Brown can still moo even if you’d rather stop now.)
  9. More than one of my grandparents has passed away in the middle of winter and their funeral and burial has been in upstate New York during a blizzard. 
  10. As an English major, copy editor, and proofreader, I’m often either highly frustrated or very amused by grammatical errors and typos in published books, newspapers, training manuals, and newsletters.  (My theme song for this aspect of my life is most definitely Weird Al’s Word Crimes.)
  11. My dad loved to scare us and was really good at it.  Apparently, he perfected his wild dogs routine in college.  Even knowing he was the one making the racket, it would still flip me out when he’d sneak up on my friends and me at sleepovers then bark loudly like a crazy canine ready to attack. 
  12. I love, love, love to read books, and my husband prefers to watch TV.  The other night he selected a (riveting to him) documentary on fracking.   Last night, he told me there are two more shows available through Amazon Prime on the topic.    

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