Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Glorious Glory Bee Reunion, Two Pairs of Silly Slipper Socks, and an Amusing Sister/Friends Footwear Photo Shoot

Michele insisted that we get some photos of the pillow glory bee posed
with our bee-themed footwear.  We perched rather precariously on
the back of our sofa to get this particular shot.  We laughed at the thought of
Kevin walking in right then.  I'm sure he would have rolled his eyes at us.  
Michele and I can be pretty silly when we get together sometimes, especially after a longer-than-usual absence.  

After weeks without seeing each other, my reunion with Michele naturally included a period of merrily rejoicing. 

We were apart while Kevin and I were up in Rochester for a desperately-needed vacation at the cottage his family owns on Lake Ontario, then Michele was out of town for a bit, and I was facing some very unexpected medical emergencies that included, among many other things, a visit to the ER and ultimately surgery. 

One of the traditions my family and I have when we go to a cool local gift shop in Rochester called Parkleigh.  It used to be Parkleigh Pharmacy back in the day.  Now they’ve dropped the pharmacy part and turned the space into an upscale shop for buying gourmet candy, an assortment of fine housewares, eclectic artwork, fancy toiletries, special stationary, high-end toys, fancy clothing, and fun footwear.  I spotted some knee socks with bees on them, but the moment I spotted these slippers, I knew I'd found the perfect gift for Michele.  

I kept the special slippers at our place rather than mailing them because I was looking forward to seeing Michele's reaction when I gave them to her.  She was absolutely delighted!  I told her I'd gotten her a little something while we were on vacation, but I didn't tell her what it was.  

She'd picked up a fun gift that made her think of Kevin's love of Minions and said she'd keep the box of Minion Band-Aids in the car, so she'd have it the next time we got together.  

When Michele had gone out to Carmel, California with the intention of becoming a permanent member of the cloistered community there, she found a pair of knee socks with bees on them she insisted her mother send me.  I have worn them on some special occasions and when I’ve had Michele on my heart or in my mind more than usual.  

2 Loved
+ 2 Bee

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