Tuesday, November 15, 2016

21 Days of Thankfulness: My Photographic Attitude of Gratitude Project (Day 12) Diaries and Journals

DAY 12: Diaries and Journals

I have a penchant for paper.  I have had several diaries and journals over the years which I have filled with all sorts of writing.  Over time, I trained myself to write without editing, especially when I'm trying to process something major that has happened to me, a big decision I'm making, or a significant matter I'm discerning through prayer and writing.  

Sometimes, it's scary for me to write so freely when I'm worried what might surface if I keep the pen moving or my fingers typing.  Occasionally, I turn to a type of art project, photography, or another creative medium that doesn't feel quite as dangerous to me in order to express myself and work through my thoughts and emotions.  
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