Tuesday, November 22, 2016

21 Days of Thankfulness: My Photographic Attitude of Gratitude Project (Day 19) Praying Grannies

My maternal grandmother, my mom, and I on our wedding day.
I feel confident that Nana was also present in spirit and praying
for and with us at our wedding Mass.

Day 19: Praying Grannies

I was blessed that I got to know both of my grandmothers.  My dad's mom, who we called Nana, I felt closer to while I was growing up.  She was one of my favorite people on the planet, certainly someone whose love for me felt nearly unconditional.  Nana passed away when I was only eleven years old, a few months after my youngest sister Theresa was born.  

My maternal grandmother and I became closer with in high school.  She let me come live with her the summer after I graduated from high school before I started college, so I would only be a few miles away from Kevin instead of 500.  Once I returned to Richmond after college, Grandma had moved down here to be near my mom and help with us.  

Both of my grandmothers were devout Catholics with a special dedication to the Blessed Mother. I know they prayed countless prayers for us while they were on this earth and feel certain they are interceding on our behalf now that they have moved on to Heaven. 

My mom has followed in the footsteps of her mother as a formidable prayer warrior who frequently goes to battle for her children as well as her grandchildren.

This is my maternal grandmother Marilyn.
We called her either Grandma or Gram.
My paternal grandmother Jean, who we called Nana.
This is of Nana, my mom, my sister
Katie (aka Mary), and me.
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