Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sometimes It's the Simple Things That Delight: Dinner with My Sister, Mass with My Husband and Mom, and Evidence of Kevin's Endearing Qualities

My favorite salmon, rice, and greens dish at Mom's Siam.
Thursday evening, I had dinner with my youngest sister at Mom's Siam, a restaurant in Carytown we both enjoy.  Since our lives are so busy and our schedules so different, we don't get together that often.  

It was nice to catch up over a delicious meal, take a walk, get some frozen yogurt at SweetFrog, then try and find a spot nearby where we could watch the beautiful sunset.

Last Friday, Kevin and I went to the Pastoral Center for noon Mass.  I am always delighted when I can share daily Mass with someone I love dearly.  After years of Kevin thinking it was ridiculous that I went to church at all, then that I would go more frequently than just on Sunday, I love when he's inspired to come with me for daily Mass.  My mom was able to join us which made it even better.  

Fr. Brian Capuano was the presider.  He told us some interesting, unusual facts about St. Philip Neri.  Even with all of his quirks and idiosyncrasies, St. Philip is remembered most for his devotion to loving the Lord, doing His Will, and serving others.  We are all called to become saints, not a replica of someone else, but by growing in holiness according to God's plan for our own lives.  I love this Danielle Rose song "The Saint That Is Just Me"' as a reminder of that:


A bit later, we helped my youngest sister move a few pieces of furniture to her new apartment.  I drove our SUV, and Kevin rode his motorcycle.  Apparently, I pulled away just before the following incident occurred. 

Kevin was getting ready to put on his helmet and get on his motorcycle when he saw a little boy with a three-wheeled scooter come alongside him on the sidewalk with his mom.  Ever the extrovert, Kevin told the young man that he had liked his scooter and helmet.  

The boy gazed admiringly at Kevin’s motorcycle.  His mom said, “I think he wants to race.”  Kevin started his bike and the kid took off as fast as his little legs would take him.  Letting off the clutch just a little, my biker babe inched along to give this kid a thrill, thinking he was beating him.  I’m sure it made the kid’s day.  I know Kevin was thoroughly amused.
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