Sunday, June 19, 2011

In Memory of Our Fathers

My husband Kevin I didn’t plan or do anything special for Father’s Day since neither of our fathers or grandfathers are still living.  It actually feels weird to walk by greeting card displays filled with Father’s Day cards and hear other people talking about what they’re going to do to celebrate with their dads. 
Kevin and I were up in Rochester, New York (where both of my parents and my husband grew up) the last Father’s Day June 2009 when my dad James Niermeyer was alive, so we didn’t get to spend it with him.  Fortunately, we did get to celebrate his birthday with him that year, while the rest of the family was up having their summer vacation on Lake Ontario. 
I created a web page a while ago as a tribute to my dad, James Niermeyer, his oldest brother, Robert Niermeyer, as well as Kevin’s mom and dad, Joyce and Harry Potter.  (Yes, that’s really his dad’s name.  Don’t believe me?  Look at their gravestone and the obituary.)  To check out the pictures, articles, obituaries, and stories, click here. 
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