Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 7)

Can I Keep Him?! This was a question I had after meeting Kevin and becoming friends with him.  I still think about it at times when he’s being particularly adorable.  It baffles me how the Lord has worked in and through my husband over the years.  He’s still the one who can make me laugh the hardest and longest.    

This past week we returned to the podiatrist to see how Kevin’s foot is doing.  When one of the women at the office asked him what had happened to it, he gave his standard reply: “I had it removed from my mouth.” 
DE COLORES!! God has blessed my husband and me with a multitude of miracles, many of which have happened in the past five years as a result of our involvement in the Cursillo Movement. The friends we’ve made through the movement have truly become beloved family members. 
I made my Cursillo weekend in June 2006 at Mary Mother of the Church Abbey.  Our theme was “Be Still and Know,” and I sat at the table of the Sea of Conviction.  On the weekend, the ladies at my table and I renamed ourselves the Spiritual Divas and are now known by that name in the Cursillo community.  I served on the “Harvesting God’s Abundance” Women’s team in October 2008.  My husband Kevin made his weekend in September 2006 at the Abbey, and he sat at the table of St. John.  I was so excited that he made his weekend close to when I made mine, so we could share that experience and both enjoy our new friends/family.   Kevin served on his first team in March 2009 and he loved it!
For more information about the international movement that’s centered around a short course in Christianity, click here.
Cheerios bring a big of nostalgia.  When cleaning out my car, I found a lone Cheerio in the backseat, and a wave of nostalgia poured over me as I remembered my days as a nanny taking care of “my two little guys.”  We rarely went anywhere without “O’s.”  I still think of Hank and Jack often and treasure the many memories of those to members of the “bare piggy brigade.”  Lord, thanks for the honor and joy of taking care of and working with children!

Out of the mouth of babes.  I laughed out loud and grabbed a sticky note to jot this down when I heard the following exchange take place at school between some quite cute three year olds hanging out in the book corner:

“Do you like little kids?” one girl asked.

“No,” more than one three year old surveyed said in reply.

     I’m guessing that “little kids” to these young child means babies who are still in diapers, crawling instead of walking, and not quite as verbal.  I was laughing too hard to ask for a clarification at the time.    
Put your oxygen mask on first.  Whenever I travel, I hear, as part of the opening instructions on an airplane, "If traveling next to children, put on your oxygen mask first." The reason they say this is because if there is an emergency and the oxygen masks come down, if you stop to put it on a child first, the child may move around. The result can be that the child doesn't get the oxygen mask on, and neither does the adult, and that is a very dangerous and perhaps fatal situation.

Those airline instructions are important in everyday life too. If you don't take care of yourself, your energy can be zapped, and you won't be able to take care of children. You are very important in the lives of children. Be sure and take time to take care of yourself. That is how you put your own oxygen mask on.
Have a great day and week-end. You are a difference maker.  

Note: This is one of the weekday e-mail reflections I received from the director of the Applebaum Training Institute. If you’d like to be added to her list: click here.

I got caught!  We’ve had a fun, busy this week in Nature Camp.  We’ve done activities which have allowed us to experience nature through all five of our senses.  Through outdoor exploration, books, puzzles, special projects, food tasting, and discussions we’ve learned quite a bit about the natural world around us at school.  We identified what’s living and nonliving in our classroom and also pointed out which nonliving things are made from things that were once living (such as paper, wool, furniture, and leather).

This morning the Cheering Camp did a performance for all of us.  Afterwards, one of the kids in my class needed to go potty.  I was waiting in the hall for her and while no one was around, I began doing the half-time cheer (with modified jumps).  Suddenly I look up and see my supervisor standing there, clearly amused that I was passing my time in the hallway on potty patrol by doing an old cheer when I thought no one was watching.    
Got Questions about Catholicism?  As mentioned last week, I’ve often had people ask me for book recommendations.  Here are five I’ve read and loved that I’d recommend for people who have questions about Catholicism:

2.     Recovering Faith: Stories of Catholics Who Came Home  
3.     Truth for Your Mind Love for Your Heart
4.     Prodigal Daughters
5.     My Life on the Rock: A Rebel Returns to His Faith

The two most important things are that you love the Lord with all of your heart and long to do His will.  With those two priorities at the center, I know you will continue to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and go where He leads you in your spiritual journey and in life. 

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